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Pig iron is a kind of iron carbon alloy whose carbon content is more than 2%(fused aluminum oxide). The process of producing ferroalloy is simpler and more economical than that of pure metal. Steelmaking pig iron is hard and brittle with white fracture, so it is also called white cast iron. Industrial pure iron can be smelted in electric furnace, open hearth furnace or oxygen converter(pink alumina). The alloying elements in steel are mostly added in the form of ferroalloy.

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Generally, the mass fraction of carbon in industrial pig iron is less than 4.5%(glass beads manufacturers). Pig iron can be divided into three types according to its composition, performance and application. Pig iron for steelmaking - General silicon content is low (no more than 1.75%), while sulfur content is higher (no more than q.07%)(white aluminium oxide grit). It is the main raw material for open hearth and transfer protection steelmaking, accounting for 80-90% of pig iron output.

(aluminum oxide abrasive grain wholesale suppliers uae)Therefore, the mass fraction of silicon in cast pig iron is generally higher (up to 3.75%), and the mass fraction of sulfur is slightly lower (no more than 0.06%). Due to its low melting point and good fluidity, it is used to cast various pig iron castings, also known as cast iron. It accounts for about 10% of pig iron production(30 grit aluminum oxide). The carbon in cast pig iron exists in the form of graphite and the fracture is gray, so it is also called gray iron.

Nickel, chromium, manganese, sail, titanium and other elements are added into the alloy cast iron to improve the microstructure during heat treatment(alumina abrasive), so as to improve the mechanical properties such as strength and wear resistance. Malleable cast iron can be divided into black core malleable iron, pearlite malleable iron and white core malleable iron according to different metallographic structures(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). It is mainly used in magnetic materials.(aluminum oxide abrasive grain wholesale suppliers uae)

Ferroalloy is an alloy of iron with a certain amount of other metal elements(garnet abrasive price). Ferroalloy is one of the raw materials for steelmaking. It can be used as deoxidizer and additive of alloy elements to improve the properties of steel. Alloy pig iron is a kind of pig iron made from iron ore containing symbiotic metals such as copper, key and nickel(46 grit aluminum oxide). Alloy pig iron is different from alloy cast iron prepared by consciously adding some alloy elements.

(aluminum oxide abrasive grain wholesale suppliers uae)Malleable cast iron is a kind of cast iron formed by steel-making pig iron annealed for 2-9 days at 900 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃(steel shot abrasive). For example, the price of chromium in metal chromium is 5 times higher than that in carbon ferrochrome, and iron is harmless to steelmaking(brown aluminum oxide sand); Compared with pure metals, ferroalloys often have the advantages of low melting point and high density (referring to metals with low density, such as battle, turnover, etc.) and easy to be added into steel.

Ferrosilicon can be divided into industrial ferrosilicon (ferrosilicon with mass fraction of 95%, 75%, 45%, etc.) according to different silicon content(glass bead abrasive), lean ferrosilicon with 12% silicon content, silicon aluminum alloy, silicon calcium alloy and other silicon alloys. Industrial pure iron refers to the iron carbon alloy with carbon content less than 0.04%(brown corundum powder). The mass fraction of iron is about 99.9%, while the total mass fraction of impurities is about 0.1%.(aluminum oxide abrasive grain wholesale suppliers uae)

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