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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media Manufacturers Philippines

As far as the current situation of China's brown aluminium oxide industry is concerned, in order to survive in the fierce competition and seek development, it is necessary to further improve the quality of abrasive products, improve the physical and mechanical properties of aluminum oxide grit abrasives, and improve their performance. There is very little research in this area in China.

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It is imperative. Abrasive is the main raw material for the manufacture of abrasive tools. It is mainly used for grinding, silicon carbide price grinding and polishing in mechanical processing. Therefore, it determines the unique properties of the abrasive, that is, the hardness and strength (toughness) of the synthetic corundum, which must be higher than the hardness Grinding the hardness of the workpiece, this is the first condition to achieve the grinding process.(aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturers philippines)

Natural corundum ore, when it contains impurities such as magnetite, hematite, quartz, and green carborundum has an aggregate appearance like iron ore, is called corundum sand (also called natural corundum). With the advancement and development of science and technology, more and more difficult-to-machine metal and non-metal materials with higher hardness continue to appear, and its processing requires the appearance of artificial corundum with superior physical and mechanical properties.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturers philippines)In the face of China's entry into the WTO and the gradual formation of a pattern of global economic integration, more intense brown fused alumina industry competition has followed. At present in the international market, especially in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, the importance of black synthetic corundum (toughness), hydrophilicity, cleanliness and other properties is very important.

Some call it the progression from AC to BD. The silicon carbide companies low-price products produced by many domestic abrasive companies are getting lower and lower in the international market, which is a waste of national resources in a sense. According to the demand for high-quality brown corundum abrasive in the international market, research on“improving the physical and mechanical properties of emery abrasive”was started as early as 2008. 

(aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturers philippines)Otherwise, the chips cannot be effectively removed from the brown aluminum oxide part surface during processing. After four years of intensive research, it has repeatedly exchanged with well-known abrasive experts and kiln experts. The research of artificial diamond and CBN will also maintain a strong momentum. In the field of grinding, synthetic diamond and CBN will continue to replace fine grit aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasive

A refers to aluminum oxide abrasive, C refers to silicon carbide Carborundum, B refers to cubic boron nitride, D refers to synthetic diamond Diamond, but in terms of toughness, ordinary abrasives will develop high-toughness corundum abrasives, which will still be used in parallel with superhard abrasives. In non-grinding applications, ordinary aluminium oxide blasting grit abrasives will have rapid development and will become their main approach.(aluminum oxide abrasive media manufacturers philippines)

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