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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media Suppliers In China

brown aluminium oxide has been selected as abrasive for a hundred years, but there is still no material to replace its dominant position in the abrasive industry, which is determined by its nature. Corundum has high hardness, which is second only to diamond in nature. Among thousands of materials used by people, alumina grit belongs to several kinds of superhard materials.

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The melting point of artificial corundum is high, it does not melt or deform at high temperature, and it can maintain enough mechanical strength and hardness. On the chip surface of grinding process, the high temperature can often reach above 1000 ℃. Under the high temperature condition, this excellent performance of corundum is beyond other materials. The chemical property of corundum abrasive is very stable, it does not react with acid and alkali, and it has little possibility to react with other materials.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers in china)Even under high temperature, the chemical property of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive is stable, because it is not easy to react with the processed object and will not cause the deterioration of the processed object. These excellent properties of corundum are determined by its main chemical composition - α - Al2O3. In addition, the titanium oxide in aluminum oxide abrasive media will affect the toughness of corundum and play an important role in corundum coloring.

Even a small amount of iron oxide and magnesium oxide can promote the microcrystallization of brown fused alumina. The quality of corundum is affected by the formation of Sodium Aluminate from sodium oxide. The properties of corundum are related to the crystallization process. Different crystallization processes have different effects on the properties of alumina abrasive. Generally speaking, crystalline fine mechanical strength is high.(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers in china)

Different processing methods also affect the properties of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit, such as ball milling and counter roll machining, which have obvious differences in stacking specific gravity, capillary phenomenon, mechanical strength, etc., the essence of which is that the particle shape obtained by different processing methods is different. This difference has been used by grinding technology, such as grinding wheel is better for ball milling, and 1200 grit aluminum oxide abrasive paper cloth is better for roller machining.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers in china)If there is too much titanium oxide (TiO2) in the brown aluminum oxide, it can not be retained in the glass phase, but react with alumina to form aluminum titanate (TiO2 (Al2O3)). Aluminum titanate is the third phase at the interface between α - alumina grains and glass phase, which will weaken the glass phase between α - alumina grains. Only when the content of Al2O3 in 100 grit aluminum oxide white is over 94%, can the corundum have these excellent properties. 

The difference of thermal expansion coefficient among three phases will also cause cracks among synthetic corundum price grains during heating. Most of silica in brown corundum is found in glass phase. The ratio of TiO2 to SiO2, which is acceptable in typical brown corundum technical conditions, is from 2.5:1 to 6:1. Titanium dioxide mostly exists as a solid solution of α - alumina grains. During the 46 grit aluminum oxide reduction process in the furnace, part of TiO2 is reduced to titanium oxide (Ti2O3).(aluminum oxide abrasive media suppliers in china)

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