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Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media Wholesale Suppliers Colombia

There are three main smelting methods for brown corundum smelting: fixed furnace melting block method, dump furnace smelting method and flow smelting method. Due to the large scale of investment in exile smelting, at present, China mainly adopts fixed aluminum oxide grit furnace melting block method and dump furnace smelting method.

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Comparison of corundum products smelted by different methods: the silicon carbide abrasive produced by the dumping furnace (method) has many crystal aggregates, small crystal size, high glass phase and distributed on the grain boundary, so it has poor toughness, large brittleness, good self sharpness and compactness, and is more suitable for consolidated abrasives and fire-resistant materials. The corundum produced by the frit furnace (method) has less crystal aggregate, large abrasive media suppliers and less glass quality, so it has poor brittleness, high toughness and good wear resistance.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media wholesale suppliers colombia)Because of the large crystal, good toughness and brittleness, the brown fused alumina produced by this smelting method is more suitable for the manufacture of coated abrasives. The chemical composition, phase composition and specific gravity of corundum produced by the flow smelting method are equivalent to those produced by the frit method. Crystal size, microhardness, emery abrasive crystal structure and compressive strength are slightly lower in the flow method than in the frit method.

This is because the green silicon carbide produced by the exile method has the characteristics of microcrystalline corundum in these aspects. Although it is slightly lower than that by the frit method, it shows better effect in use. Production and Application Comparison of corundum by different smelting methods: Exile: white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit continuous production, high degree of automation, but large investment, complex structure, suitable for high-power smelting.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media wholesale suppliers colombia)Fixed method (frit method): brown aluminum oxide discontinuous production, low mechanization, small investment, simple equipment and convenient technology are the main methods for corundum smelting in small abrasive plants. Note: as early as 1972, Zhengzhou Abrasives Research Institute began to study the convection discharge method, and then white fused aluminum oxide adopted the plasma arc drilling discharge method to smelt brown corundum. 

The drilling efficiency is ideal, the quality of the black silicon carbide produced meets the national standards, and the technical and economic indicators are better than the frit method. Dumping method: continuous production, high degree of mechanization, small investment and good production efficiency. It is a common method currently used. Autogenous mill is also called media free grinder. It does not use steel ball or black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media steel bar as grinding medium.(aluminum oxide abrasive media wholesale suppliers colombia)

It is a kind of grinding machine that the large materials impact on the small white corundum materials and the large materials gradually grind. It has the following characteristics when using the white assistant machine to break corundum. A self grinder can complete the coarse, medium and fine crushing operations at the same time. The autogenous chrome corundum grinding machine does not use grinding medium, which can reduce the chance of corundum products mixed with ferroalloy.

(aluminum oxide abrasive media wholesale suppliers colombia)So it is still the largest aluminum oxide abrasive used in belt production. Large crushing ratio and wide feeding range. The shape of abrasive particles is good, and the equiaxed shape is more than 90%. The equipment is highly automated, easy to manage and high in production efficiency. There is a certain degree of over comminution phenomenon, so the yield of black aluminum oxide blast media grain size commonly used in the processing of finished products is slightly low.

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