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Aluminum Oxide Anti Slip Grit

When entering outdoor wiring and lighting installation, it must be prevented from touching other live facilities(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). The power failure is not confirmed, and there is a risk of electric shock(corundum sand). During line laying operation and maintenance, the safety distance is not enough, and there is a risk of electric shock. 

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There is a risk of falling when working at heights higher than two meters(garnet sand). Do not use wooden ladders or ladders are not stable, there is a risk of electric shock or falling(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). The maintenance line can be operated only after it is confirmed that there is no power. When using portable stove or blowtorch, the distance between flame and live part(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). The power transmission contract operation shall be carried out in the reverse order.

Safety helmet shall be worn on the site of high-altitude operation(aluminum oxide anti slip grit); Personnel working at heights must use safety belts(aluminum oxide grit blasting); Do not throw objects up and down when working at heights. At the same time, hang the "equipment maintenance, no switching on" sign, and assign special personnel to monitor(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). There is a risk of electric shock due to insufficient safety distance from live equipment during high-voltage distribution operation. 

The power cut-off and switching operation must be carried out in the sequence of circuit breaker (switch), load side disconnector (disconnector) and bus side disconnector (disconnector)(black silicon carbide). Power failure without shutdown during maintenance operation causes electric shock or mechanical injury(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). It is forbidden to use steel tape, leather tape and line ruler (those with metal wire) around live equipment for measurement. 

Before power inspection, test shall be conducted on the electrical equipment to confirm that the electroscope is in good condition(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Before operation, it must be confirmed that all personnel on the line have been evacuated and tools and articles have been cleaned up. Shut down and power off before handling equipment failures(120 grit aluminum oxide). Two people are required to handle the fault and do a good job of monitoring. 

Strengthen equipment inspection to eliminate fire hazards in time(80 grit aluminum oxide). In case of lightning, it is forbidden to carry out maintenance and test in outdoor substation or indoor overhead lead-in line. When working on the capacitor bank or entering its fence, the capacitors shall be discharged and grounded for many times one by one(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Operation items: ensure the normal power supply of the substation, and make statistics of various figures(aluminium oxide sand). 

For equipment commissioning, jog commissioning first, and then run at full speed after confirming that it is normal. Insufficient confirmation before power transmission caused electric shock to the staff on the line(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). The tools were lost on site, resulting in an accident during power transmission. Arc burn caused by misoperation(100 grit aluminum oxide). There is a risk of scalding when bending the bus and using heating tools such as blowtorch. 

During commissioning, the equipment failure was not eliminated, resulting in tripping accident(green silicon carbide). Before commissioning, make sure that the opened or disconnected covers, terminals, oil pipe joints, jumper lines and all safety protection devices have been restored(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). After arriving at the scene, inquire the operator in detail about the fault phenomenon, and make a preliminary judgment on the cause and point of the fault.

Before starting, it must be confirmed that there are no personnel up, down and around the machine body(alumina abrasive). During shift handover, the changed part shall be explained in detail to the operator and the precautions shall be clearly explained. Two people are required to go together when handling equipment failure(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Remove the power failure warning board and remove the grounding wire(alumina grit). Find the point of failure. 

Turn off the main power and operating power of the device(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Deal with electrical wiring or replace damaged components, and test run(70 grit aluminum oxide). Accidental damage to equipment performance and unfamiliar site. Accidents caused by touching electrical circuits or components during equipment operation. No power failure caused an electrical short circuit(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Someone working on the equipment started accidentally causing injury.

After troubleshooting, make a record of the changed line and report it to the superior(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). It is necessary to promptly remove the sealing line when handling the fault, and the protection circuit and safety facilities of the equipment must not be removed. During the test run, the operating circuit should be tested first, and then the test run with the load after it is normal, and the first jog during the test run(pink aluminum oxide). Environmental factors: sliding.

Common problem: the power factor in the mining area is not within the qualified range(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Working on low-voltage motors and lighting circuits, you can communicate verbally(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Low-voltage live work should be supervised by a dedicated person, and tools with insulated handles should be used(aluminium oxide blast media). When working, you must stand on dry insulators, wear gloves and a safety helmet, and wear long-sleeved clothes. 

It is strictly forbidden to use files, metal rulers, and Tools such as brushes and hair exercises for metal objects(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Confirm whether the power-off operation card is hung up, and the power-off operation procedures have been implemented. There are changes, this is the principle of mutual induction(alumina sand). When you resume operation after replacing the fuse after a power failure, you should wear insulating gloves and goggles.

Before going up the pole, the fire and ground wires should be distinguished first, and the working position should be selected(black corundum); when disconnecting the wire, the fire wire should be disconnected first, and then the ground wire. When connecting wires, the sequence should be reversed(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Dangerous factors: The fire of electrical equipment can easily cause a short circuit of wires and cables and cause a power outage(180 grit aluminum oxide).

Send the disconnector first, and then the switch circuit breaker(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Hazardous factors: during live work, contact with a live object may cause an electric shock accident, a short circuit arc will burn the human body, and a short circuit will cause a line trip to cause a power outage. The human body must not touch two thread ends at the same time(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The above-mentioned work shall be carried out by at least two persons. 

The work site should have adequate lighting. In a generator, whether the coil moves through the magnetic field or the magnetic field moves through the fixed coil, it can induce an electric potential in the coil. In both cases, the value of the magnetic flux remains the same, but the amount of magnetic flux intersecting with the coil is different(aluminium oxide blasting). Electricity must be checked before work(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Take other safety measures as needed. 

Do not forcibly increase the load on electrical circuits or equipment, and do not overload the circuits(steel grid). Disposal method: When there is a sudden trip of the high voltage, it is necessary to report to the supervisor immediately, find out the cause of the accident in time, and resume power supply after obtaining the consent of the supervisor(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Have a clear understanding of equipment performance and working process(aluminum oxide abrasive media). 

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