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It can be seen that the micro-regions that have not been fully diffused in time become an obstacle to graphite growth(pink fused alumina), leading to the randomness of the graphite growth direction and orientation, and the formation of flocculent graphite. There is also a possibility that there are trace elements in the metal that interfere with the normal growth of graphite(100 grit aluminum oxide). Such rod-shaped crystals are called dendrites or primary dendrites.

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These heterogeneous atoms are adsorbed on the graphite growth steps and change the graphite growth mode(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Become a suitable place to accept carbon atoms. First, the carbon atoms directly enter the holes and hole groups in the product structure at the annealing temperature. At present, many factories have incorporated low temperature pretreatment into the normal production process(black silicon carbide factory). In the early stage of graphite growth, the effect of spheroidizing elements dominates.

(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit wholesale suppliers mexico)In malleable cast iron, graphite nucleation sites are often found near metal inclusions(white aluminum oxide). Thermodynamic calculations can show that even if some of these inclusions can become graphite nucleation matrices, at the annealing temperature, graphite cannot form graphite cores on them. This is because the self-diffusion rate of iron atoms is low, which has a great restrictive effect(fused aluminium oxide). After the graphite core is formed at other locations, the iron atoms still cannot diffuse sufficiently.

Production practice shows that oxide and nitride particles in molten iron are most likely to become austenite nucleation matrix(white fused alumina). The main reason for the nucleation near impurities is that their linear expansion coefficient is much smaller than that of iron. During the annealing and heating process, the impurities are microscopically separated from the surrounding metal, and dislocations or vacancies are generated in the austenite(black silicon carbide suppliers). Silicon atoms also diffuse in the same direction.

Low temperature pretreatment (300-500°C for 4-5h; or 750°C for 1-2h) or pre-cold deformation can increase the number of dislocations and vacancies before graphitization annealing(black synthetic corundum), which helps to shorten the graphitization process and increase Number of graphite. These positions have enough energy to keep the carbon atoms in place and aggregate(aluminum oxide blast media). Dislocation climbing and slippage can also provide hole currents for atomic diffusion.(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit wholesale suppliers mexico)

In addition, appropriately increasing the graphitization annealing temperature and reducing the activation energy of atomic diffusion can also play a similar role(black fused alumina). The inspection and observation of the distribution state of graphite at the beginning of graphitization confirmed that the initial growth positions of graphite were all on the phase boundary between austenite and cementite or within the austenite grains(brown fused alumina factory). No even tiny graphite was found in the undissolved cementite.

(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit wholesale suppliers mexico)The reason for this phenomenon is that the cementite cannot provide vacancies or groups of vacancies to accept carbon atoms(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight); in addition, the heat capacity of graphite is much greater than the heat capacity of the cementite. If graphite nucleates and grows in the cementite, it will inevitably encounter Very large resistance, this resistance limits the formation of graphite in the carburized body(black silicon carbide manufacturers). It can be judged that graphite nucleates in the solid phase.

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