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Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 60 Grit Factory Malaysia

When heated to 200 ℃, most of them can be removed(low soda alumina), while a small amount of residual water can be removed only when the temperature is above 700 ℃. In addition, the forced ventilation has directionality, ceramic shell method, and the module must rotate in the airflow to achieve uniform drying(brown fused alumina for grinding). The steam must pass into the steam dewaxing kettle quickly and reach the specified pressure in more than 10 seconds.

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Increasing the ambient temperature can accelerate the volatilization of solvent and shorten the drying time of shell(steel shot abrasive). However, the increase of temperature is limited by the thermal stability and thermal expansion of the mold material, so it can not be too high, so the shell is not easy to crack. There are many drying methods for silica sol shell(brown aluminum oxide blast media), such as vacuum drying, microwave drying, electrostatic drying and so on.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit factory malaysia)

In China(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), the investment casting enterprises have begun to use the automatic hand washing and sand spreading equipment, and about 20% of the water in the shell is lost in the shell. 64% of them are lost in the drying process, and the remaining 16% are in the form of physical water or combined water(white fused alumina for refractory). When the dimension accuracy of the castings is higher, the drying temperature of each shell should not exceed 25 degrees. 

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit factory malaysia)The temperature in the dewaxing steam kettle is more than or equal to 150 ℃, and the pressure is about 0.60 ~ 0.70 MPa (equivalent to 6 ~ 7 atmospheric pressure). The advantages of this method are that the sand removal speed is fast, the productivity is high, the labor intensity can be greatly reduced compared with manual sanding, and the equipment is simple(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), the floor area is small, and it is easy to realize mechanized production line production.

There are many dewaxing methods, such as high pressure steam method(240 grit aluminum oxide), hot water dewaxing method, flash firing dewaxing method, microwave heating method, etc. The outer surface of the mold shell is subject to this pressure, so the expansion pressure of the mold material can be offset to a certain extent(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). In order to distinguish them conceptually, they were often used in ancient times to make beautiful blue products.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit factory malaysia)

Although the principle of modern precision special manufacturing technology is the same as that of the ancient lost wax method(white fused aluminium oxide), it is difficult to produce modern precision parts with high precision requirements and without lack of accompaniment by using the ancient lost knitting method(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). In fact, what we have just described in this paper is a practical technique for precision manufacturing by shell mould method.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit factory malaysia)After all, whether from the raw materials or from the emotional manufacturing technology(60 grit aluminum oxide), the modern industrial precision manufacturing has a silver big difference with the ancient lost wax method. According to its manufacturing process, dense decoration can be roughly divided into four types: ceramic research method(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media), ceramic mixing method and stone green molding method(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Drying temperature: 23 ~ 25 ℃.

We call the ancient shrinkage casting method as the ancient precision co manufacturing method(silicon carbide grit), and the modern industrialized precision phosphorus manufacturing method as precision casting. Among them, the most widely used method is taodang shell method, which can be said to be a typical representative of precision manufacturing(aluminum oxide 40 grit). the most commonly used method of silica sol shell is high pressure steam method.

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