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Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 60 Grit Manufacturers UK

According to the arc fused alumina national standard, the abrasive particle size is divided into 27 sizes from 4 × 1-240 *. These abrasive particles are produced by sieving. Abrasive screening is usually completed in three stages, which are described below. Grouping screening is to screen the 180 grit aluminum oxide sand with mixed particle size sent by the crushing process, and roughly divide it into several particle sizes.

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The specific grouping method depends on the size of sand, the planned size ratio and screening equipment. After white fused alumina grouping, several abrasives are sieved separately on the corresponding sieving machine to obtain the abrasives with different particle sizes. This process is classified as screening. When screening, according to the screening sequence of coarse and white fused aluminum oxide fine particles, it can be divided into three operation modes.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit manufacturers uk)

That is, from coarse to fine step by step; from fine to coarse step by step; mixed screening. There are great differences in the silicon carbide companies screening quality requirements of the screening process in each factory. The difference lies in that the production process of strictly controlling the particle size composition during the screening process is called "fine screening". The black aluminum oxide blast media production process that does not strictly control the particle size composition is called "coarse screen" or "semi-finished screen".

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit manufacturers uk)The magnetic material in white aluminum oxide is mainly composed of the residual ferrosilicon alloy in smelting and the ferroalloy introduced by the equipment wear in the granulating process. The magnetic material in abrasive will cause iron spots on the ceramic abrasive tools, which will affect the appearance of abrasive tools and is not conducive to the grinding quality of synthetic corundum abrasive wheels. Therefore, the finished abrasive must be treated by magnetic separation.

In the magnetic separation process, the green carborundum magnetic field strength required by the process should always be maintained. For corundum abrasive, the magnetic material is mainly ferrosilicon alloy, which is a strong magnetic material. However, with the increase of silicon aluminum content in the alloy, the magnetic coefficient will be greatly weakened, so there are still weak magnetic materials in fused alumina abrasive.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit manufacturers uk)

Therefore, the medium and high strength magnetic separators should be used for the magnetic separation of brown aluminium oxide, and the magnetic field strength is (0.127-1 59) to the sixth power of 10. When feeding, the material layer shall be as thin as possible and evenly distributed over the whole length of the roller, so as to make the chrome corundum magnetic materials have more opportunities to be separated and improve the quality of magnetic separation.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit manufacturers uk)Generally, it can be divided into 2-6 groups. Increasing the rotation speed of the magnetic roller can make the silicon carbide price material layer thin, but too fast rotation will increase the centrifugal force, which will affect the adsorption of the magnetic material by the magnetic roller. If the diameter of the magnetic roller is 400mm, the black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media rotating speed is about 30-40r / min.

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