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Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 60 Grit South Korea

High-aluminum corundum can completely or partially replace fine grit aluminum oxide to make abrasive tools, but its main purpose is to make advanced refractory materials. Such as ASC brick. ASC brick is the abbreviation of Al2O3-SiC-C brick, and it is a new cladding material for hot metal pretreatment. A new type of wear-resistant village material with similar process conditions.

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The white fused alumina brick has gradually replaced clay bricks, high alumina bricks and mullite bricks due to its excellent slag resistance, erosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance. The original hydraulic GDS10 high-strength abrasion-resistant and refractory castable was based on fused 180 grit aluminum oxide, which had the disadvantages that fused white alumina was expensive and the castable solidified too quickly during construction.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit south korea)

The ASC bricks produced and tested can fully meet the requirements and the white aluminum oxide production cost can be reduced by 10% ~ 15%. Another example is GDS1A high-strength refractory castable, which is a hydraulic refractory castable made of high-alumina corundum. It is a cyclone separator, a reactor cyclone separator used in the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media refining of a catalytic cracking unit for petroleum refining, and a cyclone separator.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit south korea)It is called "difficult particles". ASC bricks are usually made of white corundum and introduced with Al2O3, but the production cost is higher. Now GDS1A castable made of high-alumina corundum not only overcomes the above shortcomings, but also exceeds CastA-22 castable and the hydraulic Rs17A, 240 grit aluminum oxide which are well-known cold-setting magnesium phosphates produced by Resco in the United States as cement Castable.

Particles with a diameter larger than 3/4 sieve are difficult to pass through the material layer, and it is also difficult to pass through the sieve. In the case of domestic 150 grit aluminum oxide being expensive and in short supply, the use of high alumina corundum instead of 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight to manufacture ASC bricks was listed as a national key new product project in 1997. through the sieve holes. Generally can be divided into 2 ~ 6 groups.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit south korea)

In addition to satisfying domestic needs, domestically produced high-alumina 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media is also exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and other places in large quantities. The sieving process can be seen as two stages: through the layer of particles on the sieve to reach the sieve surface: The application of GDS1A castable made of high-alumina 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media in oil refining equipment meets the needs of the oil refining industry. 

Group screening is also called pre-screening, 220 grit aluminum oxide which is to divide the mixed size particles sent by the crushing process into several size groups to create conditions for the size classification of the finished product. In order to achieve sieving, the screen frame should be properly moved to make the 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media material layer on the sieve surface into a loose state, and the particles blocked on the sieve holes to escape from the sieve surface.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit south korea)The closer the particle diameter is to the size of the sieve, the more difficult it is to pass through the sieve. If the 80 grit aluminum oxide falls on the mesh, it may jump up and fail to pass through the screen. Therefore, the probability of the abrasive passing through the screen holes (the probability of the abrasive passing through the screen) is also proportional to the 100 grit aluminum oxide media effective area of the screen 7 = screen area / (screen + mesh) area.

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