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Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 60 Grit Suppliers Canada

After the cold dryer is started(white aluminum oxide grit), the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor from the original low-temperature and low-pressure state to high-temperature and high-pressure steam. After the liquid with normal temperature and low pressure enters the evaporator, because of the decrease of pressure(46 grit aluminum oxide), the liquid refrigerant boils and evaporates into the gas with low pressure and low temperature. 

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At the same time, in industrial production(brown fused alumina for abrasive), the filters used in compressed air system are often divided into oil removal filter, can not use a single equipment can achieve the purpose, dust removal filter, bacteria removal filter and special filter according to their uses. When the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs a lot of heat of compressed air(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), which makes the temperature of compressed air drop and achieves the purpose of drying.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers canada)Because the compressed air inevitably contains solid, liquid, gas and other impurities, and each has its own characteristics, so the compressed air drying and purification is a necessary process(white fused alumina make company). In order to reduce the risk of production pause, we have to consider setting standby machine(brown corundum powder). The high-temperature and high-pressure steam becomes the liquid with normal temperature and high pressure because of condensation.

When the cooling water is piped, the dryer should have an independent drainage outlet. steam(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The compressed air also exchanges heat with the high temperature refrigerant again through the secondary condenser of the refrigeration system, so that the outlet temperature is fully heated to ensure that the outlet air pipeline does not condense(pink alumina). Abnormal trip or necessary shutdown is the potential pressure of production pause.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers canada)

The heat is taken away by the cooling medium through heat exchange, and the temperature drops(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). Air compressor outlet pressure is too low corresponding treatment method: check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline, if not, increase the air compressor(fused aluminum oxide). Because of the throttling effect of the expansion valve, the pressure is reduced, and the refrigerant becomes the liquid with normal temperature and low pressure.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers canada)Because the cold source of the outlet air is fully utilized, the load of the refrigeration system of the machine is reduced, and the quality of the outlet air of the machine is ensured(white aluminum oxide crystals). Principle of refrigerant circulation. A complete compressed air drying and purification system includes: gas-liquid separator, filter, drying equipment and other facilities(30 grit aluminum oxide). The liquid refrigerant with normal temperature and high pressure flows through the expansion valve.

The water temperature entering the cold dryer should be below 31 ℃, and the outlet water temperature should not exceed 36 ℃(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer); the water pressure should be kept above 2 × 10 ° PA to ensure smooth flow (but not too high, generally not higher than 6 × 10 ° PA); there should be no visible solid debris in the water(alumina abrasive). The water-cooled dryer is often located in the same room with other water-cooled equipment (such as air compressor).(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers canada)

The high-temperature and high-pressure steam flows into the condenser and the secondary condenser(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). The standby probability of using a single machine will be as high as 50%, and the investment cost will increase a lot(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). The reason is that the condensate discharged from the cold dryer is not clean water, but a thick liquid mixed with solid impurities (dust, rust mud, etc.) and oil (so the automatic drainer is also called "automatic drain valve").

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