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Aluminum Oxide Blast Media 60 Grit Suppliers In China

With the continuous development of the times, white corundum is becoming more and more well known. And applications are gradually being promoted. So how much do you know about "how to enter white fused alumina abrasive products into craft wood products enterprises", please read the article introduction prepared for you.

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white aluminum oxide drills are continuously made in deep holes, with large dynamic loads, large load changes, poor cooling and lubrication conditions, and broken rock fragments are repeatedly broken and ground. In such a working environment, the rock breaking mechanism of the drills Very complicated. There is a view that the drill bit pink alumina is used to break the rock by surface crushing, scraping, grinding, abrasion, and grinding.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers in china)

This can be from the small size of silicon carbide abrasive, the small cutting thickness, the small cutting depth, the number of hard points, and the high speed and high efficiency Aspect illustrates this. The domestic and foreign scholars have done some research on the rock breaking mechanism of the surface-mounted black aluminium oxide bit, which is considered to be a comprehensive mechanism of rock fragmentation and penguin addition.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers in china)

When the green silicon carbide is polygonal, Shape, or triangle-shaped white corundum polycrystals are arranged tangentially with sharp angles and edges diagonally rotated, or use white corundum composite sheet, plus rock plasticity, then the eye-bit mechanism of the drill is similar to a milling cutter or micro Cutting effect of the knife. When the white corundum is smooth, or the columnar 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight polycrystals are arranged in vertical cotton, and the rock is more brittle, the drill bit is mainly broken by the combined action of the rotation pressure of the shaft pressure box.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers in china)Very idle people, the shearing effect is more effective than the press-in effect, black silicon carbide which is also an important reason for the good use of the PDC bit; for half impregnated white corundum drill bits, due to the random arrangement of brown fused aluminium oxide particles, the angle, edge, plane, and arc can be used Faces and rocks are facing each other, so its eye-catching mechanism is more complicated. 

Impregnated drill bit aluminum oxide abrasive material is thinner, the cutting edge is lower, and the contact surface with the rock is small, while the distribution of white corundum in the carcass is intertwined, traced, and covered with each other, so there is less effective white rock white fused alumina price per revolution of the bit The cutting depth is also small, so it is necessary to increase the speed of the drill bit.(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers in china)

The surface-mounted polycrystalline and pDC drill bits increase the bit pressure in favor of rock breaking; natural aluminum oxide grit Due to the coarse particles of the drill, it is more effective to use the constant speed and weight on bit. It should be said that in the actual drilling process, the drilling conditions are very complicated, and the bottom rock is in a multi-directional stress state, and the black aluminum oxide media rock is homogeneous, and the static load is not completely sandwiched.

(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit suppliers in china)Especially when drilling at high speeds, the vibration of the black fused alumina drilling tool is quite obvious; coupled with the influence of the properties of the washing fluid medium on the broken rock, etc., the study of the action law of the broken rock of the bit is more complicated, and further research is needed. At the same time, in order to cool the pink aluminium oxide and reduce repeated crushing, it is necessary to strengthen the flushing.

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