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Substrate treatment: The substrate treatment is a very important process, especially the treatment of the original cloth(silicon carbide grit). Sanding: Sanding is to make the primer coated. The substrate is evenly coated with abrasive. Coated abrasive tool manufacturing: Pre-drying refers to the drying after compounding(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Because of the above characteristics, it is the product with the largest output, most widely used and most variety in coated abrasives.

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The purpose of substrate treatment is not only to provide good glue and sanding conditions(green silicon carbide powder), but also has a close relationship with the performance of coated abrasive products, such as soft and hard performance, water resistance and tensile properties(carborundum abrasives). The process of substrate treatment, using cloth as an example, it includes shaving, scorching, desizing (including alkali or enzyme, cooking, neutralization, cleaning, drying), dyeing, sizing, tenter drying, calendering, etc.

The substrate treatment is not good, high-quality coated abrasive tools cannot be produced(black silicon carbide powder). The processes of shaving, scorching, desizing, and dyeing are currently completed in China by printing and dyeing factories. The "manufacturing" mentioned here refers to several processes starting from the application of glue and winding into a large roll of semi-finished product(carborundum grit). There are two methods of sand spreading: gravity sand planting and electrostatic sand planting. 

In modern advanced production processes, all processes are completed by coated abrasive manufacturing plants(aluminum oxide blasting media). This is because there are many types of coated abrasives and the requirements for the processing of the original fabric are various. Now there are special substrates processed abroad for sale as commercial products(silicon carbide abrasive grit). It can be seen that the technical complexity of the original fabric processing and its status are important.

This is an ancient method and is still widely used(brown fused alumina). In order to achieve uniform grinding quality, durability and stable performance, production is performed on linkage equipment with high output. It usually consists of the following steps: Ingredients: Ingredients refer to the preparation of base rubber and compound rubber: glue coating(brown aluminum oxide factory), including printing a trademark on the back of the substrate in advance, and then applying primer on the front of the substrate.

Gravity sand planting, that is, mechanical sand planting, uses the gravity of the abrasive grains to uniformly spread on the substrate coated with the primer in a free-fall manner(brown aluminum oxide). Electrostatic sand planting is an advanced sand planting method. It uses sand particles to induce polarization in a high-voltage electric field and is attracted by different electrodes for planting(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). After re-gluing, the coated abrasives should be dried and cured once.

The advancement is that the polarization of the abrasive particles is directional, so the tip of the abrasive particles is perpendicular to the substrate, so that the abrasive has excellent grinding performance(brown aluminium oxide). Pre-drying: Dry the rubberized and sanded substrate so that the abrasive particles will not fall off during re-gluing(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Compounding: Compounding is to add a thin layer of adhesive on the abrasive grains to make the abrasive grains adhere firmly and dry.

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