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This requires that the refractory material for iron ditch not only has strong resistance to slag molten iron erosion, but also has high temperature resistance(high purity fused aluminum oxide). At the same time, smoke, dust, powder and other particles have a certain pollution effect on the surroundings, so the environment of the iron yard is relatively harsh(220 grit aluminum oxide). All countries pay great attention to environmental protection work. 

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On the basis of longevity of the iron ditch lining(brown aluminium oxide), a lining cover is installed and a dust suction device is provided, which greatly improves the working environment in front of the blast furnace. Therefore, the variety, quality, and quality of refractory materials are directly related to the life of the first-generation blast furnace(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), which directly affects the output and economic benefits of the blast furnace.

Due to the different reaction conditions, working conditions, temperature fluctuations, thermal shocks, and erosion mechanisms in various areas inside the blast furnace(black silicon carbide factory). The erosion of slag, the action of alkali metals, and the erosion of materials have increased(150 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, the belly position has always been a key link in the short life of the blast furnace, and their materials should be changed accordingly.

Therefore, this part mainly uses low-porosity high-quality clay bricks and high-alumina bricks(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Therefore, the required refractory materials are also different. It can be seen from the figure that the most severely corroded parts are the furnace belly, the furnace waist and the lining of the lower part of the furnace body. Premature damage to these parts will lead to medium or overhaul of the blast furnace(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). 

Recently, there are many types of refractory materials for blast furnaces(corundum sand). Clay bricks or high alumina bricks with high performance are generally used in the upper and middle parts of the furnace body(60 grit aluminum oxide). Carbon materials, silicon carbide bricks, mullite bricks, Corundum bricks and other special refractory materials (especially the recently developed silicon carbide bricks have been successfully used in blast furnaces).

As a result, heat radiation and slag erosion on this part are very serious(brown fused alumina). At the same time, other amorphous refractories have also been widely used. The furnace throat is mainly used to protect the furnace lining and reasonable distribution. After the furnace has produced nearly 1.2 million tons of pig iron, its wear is still slight(aluminum oxide 40 grit). For this reason, strict requirements are imposed on the variety and quality of refractory materials.

This area is mainly affected by the direct impact and friction of the charge, but the scour of the gas stream is relatively light(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Therefore, the furnace throat is generally built with excellent performance clay bricks or high-density high-alumina bricks, but the brick has a short service life(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), so a wear-resistant and impact-resistant cast steel protection plate is also used, which is the so-called furnace throat steel brick.

Oven throats are also lined with clay bricks or refractory castables, and also with silicon carbide bricks(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, this furnace lining material and structural form are successful and can be considered for use in large and medium-sized blast furnaces. In addition(aluminum oxide for sand blaster), spraying method can be used to repair blast furnace throats and parts below the protective plate, as well as parts such as straight blow pipes and gas risers.

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