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In addition to the usual elements, various alloy elements also have their own distribution coefficients(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). The distribution coefficient affects the microstructure of cast iron to a great extent(70 grit aluminum oxide). The dense arrangement surface of austenite crystal atoms is (LL1) surface, that is, from this surface, octahedral primary crystals begin to form. 

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The figure shows the primary austenite dendrites from the inner surface of shrinkage cavity of nodular iron castings, which clearly shows the primary dendrites and secondary dendrites formed when the growth process is not completely completed(steel grid). The fully developed dendrite arms will collide with each other during the growth process and fuse in the molten liquid to form a similar framework(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania).

If there is enough manganese in the melt, sulfur and manganese sulfide are combined to form manganese sulfide in the form of inclusions(180 grit aluminum oxide). This simple frame structure can improve the strength of gray cast iron. At the same temperature, this condition will affect the properties of eutectic and cast iron(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). K is the ratio of the mass fraction of an element in the center of austenite dendrite to that at the edge of austenite dendrite.  

It can not only promote the development of dendrites, but also promote the endogenous dendrite growth in the supercooled zone of liquid components(garnet sand). Fully developed dendrites can lead to the formation of D-type graphite(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). Aluminum contributes to the formation of fine and scattered dendrites(corundum sand). Titanium and sharp are the elements that strongly promote the increase of austenite volume fraction. 

During solidification of cast iron, the amount of carbon dissolved in austenite increases with the decrease of temperature(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The influence of the volume fraction and size morphology of K austenitic dendrite on the Eutectic Transformation and solidification structure of cast iron can lead to the change of material properties(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). Nickel can inhibit austenite branching and promote the formation of thick austenite. 

Silicon and graphitized elements such as nickel, copper and aluminum are enriched in the center of the dendrite, k > L(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). For a single austenite dendrite, the carbon content in the center of the crystal is the lowest, and the carbon content gradually increases from inside to outside(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). Element segregation also occurs in the austenite dendrite, indicating that the chemical composition in the austenite dendrite is not completely uniform. 

The content of anti graphitization elements such as manganese, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and tungsten in the surface layer of dendrite is higher than that in the center(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). With the decrease of carbon equivalent, the temperature interval of austenite dendrite growth increases, and the volume fraction of dendrite increases(aluminium oxide blast media). Carbon equivalent is an important factor affecting the volume fraction of austenite dendrite. 

With the same carbon equivalent, the volume fraction of austenite dendrite increases with the increase of the mass fraction ratio of silicon to carbon (w (SI) / w (c))(aluminium oxide sand). The reason for this phenomenon is that the silicon atoms remaining in the liquid phase are enriched in the solidification front, which promotes the exogenous growth, relatively improves the growth rate of dendrites and increases the volume fraction of dendrites(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). 

Aluminum and friction have the opposite effect, reducing the undercooling of Eutectic Transformation and narrowing the temperature interval of dendrite growth(black corundum). The addition of alloying elements can change the temperature interval and size morphology of austenite dendrite growth. Generally, more than secondary dendrites are rarely seen in the primary austenite precipitated before eutectic transformation(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). 

Therefore, if the solute enrichment at the liquid-solid interface leads to component supercooling, it will grow preferentially at the part where the atoms are stacked on the dense arrangement surface(alumina abrasive). Phosphorus is more significantly segregated in the liquid phase between austenite dendrites(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). More solute elements will appear between adjacent protrusions, and the melting point will continue to decline. 

A small amount of titanium can increase the dendrite volume fraction(aluminum oxide grit blasting). There is no trace of radial growth along a core, the crystal orientation seems to change randomly, and the surface is very rough(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). On the contrary, the micro composition analysis results show that more carbide forming elements enter the liquid phase during solidification, and the distribution coefficient is less than 1(aluminum oxide abrasive media).

The crystallization temperature of this part is significantly higher than that of other parts, resulting in the rapid growth of the cone top part and the formation of rod-shaped crystals(pink aluminum oxide). This rod-shaped crystal is called dendrite stem or primary dendrite(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). The phosphorus concentration in the residual melt may increase hundreds of times before solidification of cast iron, resulting in phosphorus eutectic at the grain boundary. 

The growth of the root of the protrusion growth will lag far behind the front end, and finally form fishbone like products, that is, secondary dendrites(80 grit aluminum oxide). The nucleation and growth of primary austenite are affected by the local undercooling degree of melt, the uneven distribution of temperature and element concentration, and also by some structures and characteristics that can be used as nucleation matrix(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). 

The distribution coefficient of silicon is greater than 1, and the mass fraction of silicon in austenite is higher than the average mass fraction of silicon in cast iron(aluminum oxide for sale). The partition coefficient represents the ratio of the average content of the element in austenite to the average content of the element in cast iron(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). The solubility of sulfur in austenite is very small, and most of it exists in cast iron melt.

The growth of austenite follows the general law of solid solution phase growth, that is, it grows from the closely arranged surface of atoms with the smallest surface energy of crystal expansion(green silicon carbide). Firstly, some protrusions appear, the front end of the protrusion grows and extends into the molten liquid, and some solutes that can lead to the decrease of melting point are discharged into the liquid phase(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). 

The crystal proliferation theory holds that austenite nucleates on the mold wall first(aluminum oxide sand). The thermal convection generated by the latent heat of crystallization in the cone top part along the central axis of the octahedron makes the solute easy to diffuse to the liquid phase(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). For example, the distribution coefficient of titanium is very small (less than 0.1), and the enrichment degree is high at the front of the solidification interface(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). 

For example, most of manganese remains in the melt during solidification, so the mass fraction of manganese in the final solidified liquid phase is higher than the average mass fraction of manganese in cast iron(black silicon carbide). During the solidification of cast iron, the elements are unevenly distributed in the precipitated austenite and liquid phase(aluminum oxide blast media manufacturers romania). The distribution of elements is expressed by distribution coefficient. 

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