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The main factors affecting the conductivity of sodium aluminate solution are as follows. When the brown aluminium oxide manufacturer concentration and temperature of Al2O3 and alkali carbonate in sodium aluminate solution are constant, the relationship between conductivity and Na2O concentration is: when the concentration of caustic is low, the conductivity increases with the increase of the aluminium oxide 36 grit concentration of caustic; and the concentration of caustic.

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At higher levels, the white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit conductivity decreases with increasing caustic concentration; there is a maximum at a certain Na2O concentration.  For each 5 g / L higher caustic concentration, the alumina concentration corresponding to the same conductivity increases by about 2 g / L. The faster the increase increases. For the first time in Shanxi Aluminum Plant, the online real-time detection of black silicon carbide factory Bayer process circulating mother liquor Industrial applications.

Alumina concentration test shows that when the caustic concentration and temperature are constant, the steel shot abrasive concentration in the solution and the electrical conductivity have a linear relationship. Electrical conductivity decreases with increasing alumina concentration. In addition, the sodium aluminate solution with a higher caustic concentration has a higher alumina concentration corresponding to the same aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh conductivity.

The conductivity of glass bead abrasive sodium aluminate solutions with different concentrations increases with temperature; at the same temperature, the lower the alumina concentration, the greater the conductivity of a solution with the same caustic concentration; and its conductivity varies with temperature. The conductivity of sodium aluminate solution at any concentration and black silicon carbide suppliers temperature decreases as the alkali carbonate concentration increases.

The curve data are taken from the brown fused alumina density of 20 ° C and the specific heat value of 90 ° C (curve 6 is taken from the heat capacity of the NaOH solution at 20 ° C). Bi Wenwen and others from Northeastern University, put forward ideas and solutions for the online real-time detection of caustic and brown fused alumina grit concentrations in industrial sodium aluminate solutions through the measurement of solution conductivity. 

Alkali carbonate concentration. The brown aluminum oxide ultraviolet spectrum was measured to find that, in addition to Al (OH) 4 (corresponding to the 625 cm peak), it also contained polynuclear anions with Al-0-Al bonds (corresponding to 540 cm and 710 cm-1 peaks). The relationship between the conductivity of sodium aluminate solution with different concentration when the concentration of caustic soda is 25 ℃ and the white aluminum oxide 120 grit solution concentration. 

Thanks C. It has little relationship with temperature. Up to 300 ℃, the average specific heat capacity of the brown aluminium oxide solution does not change much with temperature, so the structure of the sodium aluminate solution is an important theoretical subject to be studied in the production of brown aluminum oxide blast media chemistry and the production of alumina by the alkaline method, based on years of research in the laboratory, and obtained an invention patent.

Cooperated with Guizhou Aluminum Plant and Shanxi Aluminum Plant to develop and research, garnet abrasive price and solved the problem of online real-time detection of caustic and alumina concentrations in alumina production. The viscosity of sodium aluminate solution is much higher than that of general electrolyte solution. The brown fused alumina for grinding viscosity is affected by caustic concentration, alumina concentration, temperature and other factors.

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