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Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers Pakistan

According to the temperature and stirring conditions of the material, it is generally 1.5 to 2.5 times the weight of the white fused alumina material. Incubate at 1700 ° C for 44mina-Al2O3. In order to make iron Fe + and HCl react quickly and thoroughly, the carborundum abrasives washing is completed, the slurry is often heated or acid-washed with industrial hydrochloric acid at 18 ° C or reagent hydrochloric acid at 36 ° C.

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The crystals formed from sapphire white aluminum oxide and these compounds also have higher melting points. The treatment time of osmic acid is about 48h, during which the acid and iron are fully reacted. After all the iron in the material is reacted to become soluble compounds such as FeC1, the acid solution is first drawn out and then carborundum grit repeatedly washed with tap water or distilled water, the next problem is the suspension of fine particles. 

Acid treatment conditions can be determined in the white corundum factory according to specific conditions. At the same time, alumina fine particles will also adsorb part of HCa and consume HCa. With acid washing and repeated water washing, due to the decrease in the acidity of the slurry (the pH value increases). It is a pity that these silicon carbide abrasive grit fine particles are washed away, because the fine particles promote the Sintering is advantageous.

At present, it is common to add a small amount of acacia gum to force this part of garnet abrasive fine particles to precipitate. If the fine powder is still suspended in the water during the cleaning process without sedimentation, a small amount of hydrochloric acid, alum, acacia gum, beyond the limit of electrostatic attraction, carboxymethyl cellulose and other materials can be added to the liquid to destroy the suspension of the brown aluminum oxide factory material.

Finally, NH, CNS can be used to check whether there is iron in the slurry until it is not red. The pH value of the garnet suppliers feed liquid is 6 ~ 7, and when no iron ions are detected by potassium ferrocyanide, and then the material is dehydrated by a centrifugal dehydrator or a filter press. The dehydrated dough is divided into small pieces of about 50mm and aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media dried to a moisture content of less than 0.5% at a temperature of 90 to 100 ° C.

Therefore, in actual production, glass bead blasting media suppliers excess hydrochloric acid should be added. Due to electrostatic attraction, the oppositely charged ions in the aqueous solution are firmly adsorbed on the surface of the particles to form an adsorption layer. Outside the adsorption layer, due to the weak attraction, the less the number of ions with an unusual number are adsorbed, brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers and an ion concentration is gradually reduced. 

A represents the steel grid particle surface, B represents the interface of the adsorption layer, and C represents the interface of the diffusion layer, that is, in the electric double layer AC, AB is the adsorption layer and BC is the diffusion layer; E represents the potential difference from the particle surface AA to the CC inside the medium. The black silicon carbide manufacturers added amount is 0.21% ~ 0.23% (alumina weight), which has achieved good results.

(Colloid chemistry is called thermodynamic potential); in a 120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media furnace not heated by carbon, the gaseous products produced by the reduction of corundum at 1800 ~ 2000 ℃ are cooled in argon with water vapor, and spinel crystallizes at 1710 ~ 1750 ℃ Corundum whiskers, 120 grit aluminum oxide whiskers crystallize at 1650 ~ 1700 ℃. The diffusion layer, ions move freely and are not affected by the electrostatic attraction of the particle surface.

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