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For large and medium-sized jaw crushers, the oil volume of the lubricating oil tank shall be checked before starting, and the lubricating oil shall be supplemented if necessary(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Hydraulic adjustment device. The hydraulic adjustment device is shown in the figure. According to its different ore discharge methods, this crusher has two types: Central ore discharge type and side ore discharge type.

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Then start the oil pump to supply oil to the bearing lubrication parts of the crusher(alumina powder saudi arabia). The crusher can be started only after the oil return pipe has oil return (usually 5 ~ 10min) and the pointer of the oil pressure gauge is at the normal working pressure value. It is a new type of equipment with hydraulic safety device and discharge port hydraulic adjustment device, and can be started in sections(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia).

In winter, if there is no eye taking equipment in the plant, turn on the oil preheater switch to preheat the oil to 15-20 ℃ before starting the oil pump. For the particle crusher with cooling water device connected to the lubrication parts such as eccentric bearing, the circulating cooling water valve shall be opened in advance(aluminum oxide sandblasting saudi arabia). After the above preparations are made, send the signal to start up, and start up after obtaining the consent of the next process.

For example, hydraulic safety device(sand blasting grit saudi arabia). After the crusher is started, it takes a period of time to reach the normal rotation speed. When starting the motor, pay attention to the ammeter on the console, which usually drops to the normal working current value after 30-40s starting peak current. During normal operation, attention shall also be paid to the indicated value of the ammeter(100 grit aluminum oxide). It is not allowed to exceed the specified rated current value for a long time, otherwise the motor will be easily burned.

After the crusher operates normally, the ore feeding equipment can be started to feed ore to the crusher. During ore feeding, the ore feeding amount shall be adjusted in time according to the size of ore block and the working condition of breaker to ensure uniform ore feeding and avoid overload(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Generally, the height of the material in the crushing chamber shall not exceed 2 / 3 of the height of the crushing chamber.

During the operation of the crusher, we should often pay attention to the phenomenon that large ore blocks are stuck at the ore feeding port. If it is stuck, turn it with an iron hook to eliminate it(corundum abrasive saudi arabia). However, if a large ore block needs to be taken out, it shall be taken out with special tools after stopping the machine. After shutdown, all parts of the machine shall be inspected and cleaned(120 grit aluminum oxide). Check whether the return oil contains dirt such as metal fines.

It is necessary to strictly prevent metal blocks such as shovel teeth, track shoes, drill bits and steel balls from entering the crusher, and these non broken objects will damage the crusher(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Before adjustment, loosen the nut connecting the slider seat and the rear frame and the nut of the spring pull rod, and then start the hydraulic oil pump to inject oil into the oil cylinder to make the oil cylinder piston push the slider seat forward.

Therefore, if there are too many ores or the crushing chamber is blocked, the ore feeding shall be stopped and the ore feeder shall be started after the ore block is broken. It is absolutely forbidden to take out ore blocks from the crushing chamber of the crusher or sort out ore by hand(abrasive blast media saudi arabia). When the electrical equipment trips automatically, if the reason is unknown, it is strictly prohibited to start it forcibly and continuously.

Generally, during the operation of the crusher, check whether the lubrication of each lubrication point is good, and pay attention to the temperature of the bearing(aluminium oxide abrasive saudi arabia). If any non broken objects enter the crusher and pass through, the operator of the transportation post shall be notified immediately to prevent entering the next process and causing accidents. In particular, the temperature of eccentric bearing shall not exceed 60 ℃(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia).

Check the oil temperature of lubricating oil frequently, or check the temperature rise by touching the bearing. If the oil temperature exceeds the allowable range or the machine has abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately for inspection, find out the cause and take corresponding elimination measures. Clean the lubricating oil filter regularly(aluminium oxide blasting media saudi arabia). After cleaning, it can only be used after it is completely dried. Replace the lubricating oil in the oil tank regularly.

This is because the bearing alloy used for casting bearing bush can work normally only when it is below 100 ℃. Generally, when it exceeds 60 ℃, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting. It should be noted that when there is still material in the crushing chamber, the crusher motor shall not be turned off to avoid difficulties in restart. The oil supply of the oil pump can be stopped only after the crusher stops stably(abrasive blasting grit sa). In winter, the circulating cooling water of the bearing shall be removed to avoid the bearing being frozen.

If so, stop the machine immediately and open the lubricating parts such as bearings for inspection(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Check whether the bolts, flywheel keys and other connecting parts are loose and broken, and the wear of lining plates and transmission parts. If the ore outlet increases due to the wear of the village board, the size of the ore outlet shall be adjusted in time to make the broken products meet the required particle size.

The size of the ore discharge port shall be adjusted according to the requirements specified in the product manual of the crusher(aluminium oxide grit saudi arabia). The size of the ore discharge opening refers to the distance between the wave crest of one broken lining plate and the wave trough corresponding to another broken lining plate(abrasive garnet sand). For the convenience of measurement, a sample plate can be made according to the required size of the ore discharge port for measurement.

During the use of lubricating oil, due to the influence of exposure to air and heat, the infiltration of dust, moisture and other impurities and other reasons, the oil gradually ages and deteriorates and loses its lubricating performance. Therefore, the cycle of replacing lubricating oil should be reasonably selected and can not be used properly(aluminum oxide powder saudi arabia). Although the cone crusher, because its ore crushing part is composed of two cones, it is called sub cone crusher, as shown in the figure.

In addition to the pressure action, the force of this kind of crusher on the ore also has bending force and grinding and stripping force(aluminum oxide blast media suppliers saudi arabia). Therefore, it has strong breaking capacity and continuous action, so the productivity is also high. According to different purposes, cone crushers can be divided into: cone crushers for coarse crushing: at present, the most widely used is the suspended shaft (circular) round dimension crusher.

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