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We know more or less the role of brown fused aluminum oxide and white fused alumina, but the difference in performance between brown fused aluminum oxide and white fused alumina is different. Let's take a look: the use of brown fused aluminum oxide can be used for abrasive tools, such as: fire resistance(aluminum oxide blast media). Sand blasting on the material, and the grinding wheel.

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If it is a raw material, the electrolyte compound does not contain elements (including metals) that are more positive than A, or elements with a lower precipitation potential than AN(aluminum oxide blast media). It can dissolve well in the molten state and has a large (more than 10%) solubility(aluminum oxide blast media). The electrolyte used in the pre-cultivation tank in my country is close to the low molecular ratio type.

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Some reformed aluminum plants are in the transition from the traditional type to the low-molecular-weight ratio type(aluminum oxide blast media). It contacts with carbon anode and aluminum cathode, and the coupling reactions of electrochemistry, physicochemistry, heat, electricity and magnetism take place in the volume occupied by the lid space of the cell(aluminum oxide blast media). These two are the same thing, because the path-liquid phase of the salt is in equilibrium at this temperature.

The polymer ratio is very special, and it has been used in some plants in Russia and some Eastern European countries(aluminum oxide blast media). The use of a polymer ratio of 33 has the advantages of high solubility of alumina, less precipitation, higher conductivity, small electrolyte loss, and stable operation of the electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide blast media). The disadvantage is that the current efficiency is generally not high (84-8%).

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The role of sandblasting is to adjust toughness, moderate hardness, and high density of aggregation. white corundum is one of the artificial abrasives mixed with various materials(aluminum oxide blast media). The white corundum is characterized by small particle size, high purity, good hardness and good wear resistance(aluminum oxide blast media). It is convenient and fast, and has high corrosion resistance similar to black silicon carbide refractory materials.

It is one of the indispensable parts for successful aluminum electrolysis(aluminum oxide blast media). For example, due to the simple operation of pre compensation anode, this kind of anode is used in new large-scale plants at home and abroad and in the transformation of baipei anode electrolyzer(aluminum oxide blast media). Electrolyte is the reaction medium that dissolves alumina and reduces it to aluminum by electrolysis.

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Aluminum electrolyte determines the temperature of the electrolysis process and whether the electrolysis process is smooth, and affects the energy consumption, product quality and electricity consumption of aluminum electrolysis to a great extent The importance of sloughing life is obvious(aluminum oxide blast media). Depending on the high temperature of electrolysis, the wall is wound from bottom to top to become a carbon anode(aluminum oxide blast media).

(cheap white aluminum oxide blast media price)Stability is good. It is similar to the range of use of white aluminum oxide. It is also suitable for polishing the surface of abrasive tools, making high-quality refractory materials, special ceramics and glass. The performance difference between brown corundum and white corundum has been summarized above(aluminum oxide blast media). Everyone should understand that if you need different information in this regard, please come and consult us.

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People's research and understanding of electrolyte is also increasingly in-depth, which is conducive to better control of aluminum electrolysis production in the future(aluminum oxide blast media). For more than 100 years, the main component of aluminum electrolyte has been cryolite. Although many experiments have tried to replace it with other salts, they have not been successful(aluminum oxide blast media).

Because only the molten cryolite pair has high solubility, which is the main reason for the selection of cryolite(aluminum oxide blast media). So far, people have not found a kind of electrolyte with better performance than cryolite. For the first improved type, LF2-4% or MgF2-% or both are added(aluminum oxide blast media). This is the old-fashioned self-melting anode and the pre-cultured anode aluminum electrolytic cell electrolyte.

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(cheap white aluminum oxide blast media price)In life, we often use pink aluminium oxide, so we probably have some understanding of brown fused alumina, but the specific effect of brown fused alumina, we must not be very clear, therefore, in order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of brown fused alumina We all know that the use of brown fused alumina is very extensive, because pink corundum is very hard and has a very high purity, so it can be used to cast steel and other steels(aluminum oxide blast media).

As we all know, aluminum is a highly negative element, and can not be electrodeposited in H-containing medium, such as aqueous solution(aluminum oxide blast media). Because according to the electrochemical order, h-convexity precipitates prior to a-center during electrolysis, and Al cannot be obtained(aluminum oxide blast media). Changes in temperature will affect the main technical and economic indicators of the electrolyzer.

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The volatility during melting should be small, and the electrolyte should not be hygroscopic in both solid and liquid state, which is conducive to electrolysis and storage(aluminum oxide blast media). It can be seen that the A-core electrolytes which mainly meet these requirements have not been found yet, so the cryolite can not be replaced by other salts for the time being(aluminum oxide blast media). Aluminum electrolysis industry has been established for more than 110 years.

This is the first role of silicon carbide abrasive(aluminum oxide blast media). There is also the brown oak fused toughness is very good, and very wear-resistant, and dust is also very small, so it is also a very good choice as an abrasive, this is the second role of brown fused alumina. The heat rate of white fused alumina price is also very low, so it can be used to fire the mold, and the color of the mold is also very unusual(aluminum oxide blast media). It is dark blue, so the effect of firing the mold is very good.

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According to the long-term use, and to guide the search for new electrolytes in the future(aluminum oxide blast media). Therefore, it has good wettability with the anode to facilitate the discharge of dry bubbles. Therefore, electrolysis can only be carried out in h-free medium. In various media, molten salt is more suitable. Due to the different conditions of each factory, the composition of the individual components is different(aluminum oxide blast media). There has been an increase or decrease.

Years of practice and research have shown that the basic composition of modern aluminum electrolytes can be of the following types due to different situations: traditional, improved, low-molecular-weight, and high-molecular-weight(aluminum oxide blast media). Traditional or classic electrolytes containing excess are old-fashioned electrolytes used in self-cultivation anode aluminum electrolysis, and different factories have increased or decreased individual components(aluminum oxide blast media).

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The low-molecular-weight electrolyte is used, and it is required to be matched with the point-type feeding of the electrolytic cell and a relatively complete automatic control system(aluminum oxide blast media). The initial crystallization temperature refers to the temperature at which the first solid phase crystal grains appear in the melt when the molten salt is cooled at a certain rate(aluminum oxide blast media).

Understand, here is a detailed introduction to the specific role of green silicon carbide. This is the brown fused alumina(aluminum oxide blast media). The third role. Another characteristic of brown fused alumina is that it has good fluidity. Because the fluidity is better, the expansion coefficient will be much lower(aluminum oxide blast media). Therefore, it is also a good method as a filler. This is the fourth role of black aluminum oxide media.

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The electrolyte melting degree determines the temperature of the electrolysis process(aluminum oxide blast media). However, its disadvantage is its high melting point (1008°C) and high chlorine content in its composition, which determines that aluminum electrolysis must be carried out at a relatively high temperature and is a source of pollution containing chlorine(aluminum oxide blast media). In addition, its price is relatively expensive.

The melting point is 700-800 ℃, that is, the melting point is slightly higher than that of N, so that the core can keep liquid(aluminum oxide blast media). If it is the raw material of aluminum smelting, it can only be obtained by using molten cryolite as electrolyte. It has been proved that the advantages of using cryolite as Al electrolyte are as follows: high solubility (up to 10%), no water absorption, no deliquescence, easy storage(aluminum oxide blast media).


At this time, this kind of electrolyte is easy to handle(aluminum oxide blast media). However, LiF is the most significant, followed by Mf. Many studies have shown that the temperature of the electrolyte decreases by 10℃, and the CE increases by 1.8-2%.6 The electrolyte temperature has an effect on electrical energy consumption, and material consumption Has a major impact(aluminum oxide blast media).

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