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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive Manufacturers Australia

brown aluminium oxide is based on bauxite and coke (anthracite) as the main raw materials. It is smelted in an electric furnace at high temperature. The main chemical composition is AL2O3. TIO2 also contains a small amount of SiO2 and Fe2O3. Toughness is higher than SiC. Abrasives made from it are suitable for arc fused alumina grinding high tensile metals. It is also used for grinding glass products, industrial rust removal and water cutting.

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The accuracy of the workpiece is determined by the processing method. brown fused alumina grinding can easily obtain the contact surface. Precision fit. The main use of brown corundum section sand is to improve the smoothness of silicon wafers, optical lenses, precision instruments, polished glass shells, glassware, ceramics, leather, plastics and metal parts. It can be cut by sand blasting, and it is an essential raw material for fused alumina manufacturing grinding wheels, whetstone, abrasive cloth, and sand.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers australia)white fused alumina suppliers can be used to build highway pavement, airport runway, wear-resistant rubber, industrial floor, non-slip paint and other good wear-resistant materials. Can be used as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment filtration media and drilling mud weighting agent. It has a good effect on the protection of electroplating and nuclear pollution. The fifth step of producing synthetic corundum is to cool the brown alumina in the container. 

Do not use compressed air to blow dust or joke on your body. Production process of brown aluminum oxide sand: the first step of producing brown corundum: mixing alumina, iron filings, and anthracite in proportion; the second step of producing brown corundum: preparing graphite electrodes (generating high-temperature and high-voltage arc). In order to make the reaction of sulfide and alumina proceed smoothly, the particle size of the emery abrasive raw material should not exceed 20mm.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers australia)

Producing black fused alumina Step 3: Add raw materials to the electric arc furnace: The raw materials are refined in the electric arc furnace at a high temperature above 2250 ° C to make brown corundum. The fourth step of producing brown corundum: After several hours of high temperature smelting, the brown corundum is poured out. Step 6 of producing pink alumina: Put the brown corundum block into the sand making machine to produce brown corundum section sand.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers australia)Our brown fused alumina manufacturer can produce: 14 #, 16 #, 18 #, 20 #, 24 #, 30 #, 36 #, 46 #, 60 #, 70 #, 80 #, 100 #, 120 #, 150 #, 180 #, 220 #, 240 #, 280 #, 320 # and other specifications brown corundum. Segmented sand, micronized powder, brown corundum blocks, etc. can be produced and supplied according to your requirements! In the event of a personal or black aluminium oxide equipment accident, the site should be maintained and reported to the relevant departments.

By grinding white fused alumina manufacturer, the roughness peak value of the workpiece surface can easily reach 0.05-0.08 microns; the machining trajectory is mesh-shaped, which can make the two surfaces wear uniformly when they cooperate with each other, and can reduce wear. After work, the brown fused aluminium oxide ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue to run for five minutes and then shut down to exhaust indoor dust and keep the site clean.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers australia)

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Brown Fused Alumina And White Fused Alumina MOQ: 1 Ton! 19 Years Manufacturing Experience, 35,000m² Workshop Area, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery!