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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive Manufacturers Canada

The rated parameters of the rectifier are 44000A, 6OV, and 450hA(garnet abrasive). When 5 units are running, the current of a single unit reaches 45000A. From the perspective of safe operation, the whole The cabinet is not allowed to run over the specified specifications(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The single unit is a three-phase bridge-connected 12-rim wave rectifier device, and 6 units operate in parallel to form an equivalent 7 body fluid unit. 

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The selected components are suitable(aluminum oxide abrasive). Once the rectifier frame fails, it will affect the stability of the power grid and the derivative electrolysis production series will be out of power. Although the cooling of the simple ring is not easy to condense, it is a cold effect family(brown fused alumina suppliers). The rectifier cabinet cooling system of Zhude is a forced circulating water system, which has a relatively large advantage compared to an artesian water system.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers canada)The rectifier for electrolysis production is an important equipment to provide DC energy for the electrolysis essence(emery abrasive), and it is also the "leftover" of the entire electrolysis system, because the rectifier is connected to the rectifier transformer at one end (AC side), and one end (DC inverter) is connected to the electrolysis error(white fused alumina suppliers). Due to the water resistance, water pressure, and water quality of the gravity water system, it is not easy to control.

You can think of a proper cooling water pressure(silicon carbide abrasive). Huteng's cooling equipment is renewed and expensive. Each rectifier arm often has multiple components in parallel, which has the problem of current sharing coefficient. There are certain requirements for the water quality, water pressure, and water rent of the cooling water(black silicon carbide suppliers), and the temperature rise of the rectifier components is also required.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers canada)

In order to ensure a more ideal condition for the current sharing coefficient, the components are structured into groups according to the closeness of the forward voltage drop(synthetic corundum). Through the calculation, the current reserve coefficient of the column model is 4.8, and the voltage reserve coefficient of the rectifier frame is 3(garnet suppliers). The current reserve coefficient of 5 units is actually 3, 76, which can be fully used for production needs.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers canada)Only these external conditions are kept within a reasonable range of change(green silicon carbide). When the component is installed, the bright pole must be closely attached to the heat dissipation conductor to maintain a certain pressure to prevent uneven voltage(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The auxiliary equipment of the rectifier cabinet mainly includes a cooling system, a measurement and control system, a deionized water system, and a support bracket.

The current of electrolysis production series has reached more than 400kA, and the current provided by a single rectifier cabinet has reached 40,000 to 50,000 amperes(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, the whole German cabinets often use water-water cooling and original-air cooling, as well as self-flowing system, circulating oil cooling, oil conveying cooling, etc(steel shot abrasive). That is to say, the current flowing through the rectifier components is not evenly distributed.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers canada)

Temperature, bus temperature, environmental temperature, humidity and cleanliness have certain requirements(black silicon carbide). The water circulation system of the rectifier cabinet mainly consists of two parts, one part is the pipe flow between the cooling device and the rectifier, which is called the internal water system(white fused aluminum oxide). The brewing of water resources is relatively large, and it is not suitable for the promotion of big eye molds at present.

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