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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive Manufacturers UK

The white fused aluminium oxide furnace charge requires that the selected carbon material has sufficient effective components, less impurities, proper reaction capacity and appropriate volume weight. There are many types of carbon materials, but only petroleum coke, pitch coke and low-ash anthracite are applicable. No other aluminium oxide grit suppliers material is suitable.

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For example, although the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit purity of charcoal is high and the reaction capacity is strong, the weight per unit volume is too low. The reaction capacity of graphite is too low, the ash content of gold coke is too high, and the unit volume weight of peat coke is too low. Due to the lack of anthracite and pitch coke supply in China, petroleum coke is widely used, and anthracite is only used for the smelting of non-abrasive brown fused alumina 60 grit.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers uk)According to different coking processes, petroleum coke is divided into two types: kettle coke and delayed coke. Kettle coke is a white corundum product obtained by heating heavy oil in a coking lotion to a temperature above 700 ° C, which is now rare. It is carried out in a heating furnace and delayed into a coking tower. Table salt is used in green silicon carbide charge, black silicon carbide charge is generally not added.

Mainly used for smelting silicon carbide abrasive is delayed coke. It is a new craft product. In this process, heavy oil is first heated in a tubular heating furnace. With high flow rate and high thermal strength, the heavy oil reaches the temperature required for the coking reaction in a short period of time, and then quickly leaves the heating furnace and enters the coking tower, so that the white fused alumina oxide mfg coking reaction does not exist.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers uk)

Salt in the SiC refining process accelerates the elimination of impurities in the charge, white fused alumina which is called a purifying agent. It is generally believed that it is first reduced to chlorine gas in the furnace, and then is emitted with metal oxides such as iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium and the like to emit volatile chlorides, thereby generating white fused aluminum oxide. It is also believed that salt plays a catalytic role in the furnace reaction.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers uk)From the viewpoint of excluding impurities, the actual amount of table salt added to buy brown fused alumina can be determined according to the content of impurities in the charge. So do not add more salt to the charge. When making white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit, salt is generally not added. The old furnace core and decomposed graphite are usually mixed together. After collection, they are sieved to remove impurities and used as the furnace core material.

The more pure the white aluminum oxide furnace charge, the less salt is added. Adding salt will increase the thermal conductivity and heat loss of the charge; reduce the resistance of the charge and increase the leakage current, resulting in an increase in power consumption per unit product; it will also reduce the corundum white effective components in the charge of the unit volume and deteriorate the charge permeability of the charge, causing Decrease in yield and quality.

After the refining of the furnace charge, in addition to the first-grade brown fused alumina suppliers, it can also recover the old furnace core, decomposed graphite, fine crystals (second-grade silicon carbide), amorphous materials, binders, silicon oxycarbide, melting Fine brown fused alumina factory powder and spent material collected in the sedimentation tank and vacuum cleaner during the granulation of the burnt material and the crystal block.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers uk)

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