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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive Manufacturers

At the end of 1980s, with the introduction of the first modern production line of fused aluminum oxide abrasives from Germany by Zhengzhou No.2 grinding wheel factory, China's Coated Abrasives began to develop from 100 grit aluminum oxide white abrasive cloth paper to mechanized modern coated abrasives, so as to meet the needs of China's modernization construction.

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Later, Shanghai placer cloth factory, Wuhan brown fused alumina factory and other enterprises successively introduced high-grade coated abrasives production lines, and the placer base cloth they used was also imported from abroad, consuming a lot of foreign exchange. At that time, Zhengzhou Ersha successively contacted the advanced textile enterprises in the province such as Zhengzhou cotton group, Luomian and Nanmian to produce placer base cloth, because of its high quality requirements, white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit high production cost and great production difficulty.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers)The strength is large, the cloth surface is flat, all raw cotton is long staple cotton), but the amount of brown aluminum oxide abrasive belt base cloth used by high-grade coated abrasives in the early stage of development is small, so these textile enterprises all refuse to cooperate with Ersha for development. At that time, the industrial cloth for Coated Abrasives in China was mainly made of low-grade leaf shaped abrasive cloth, and the high-grade base cloth for manufacturing white alumina powder abrasive belt was mainly imported.

Until the end of 1990s and the beginning of 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's white corundum manufacturing has changed rapidly to the world's manufacturing, the coated abrasive tool industry has really ushered in a great development opportunity, and white fused aluminum oxide abrasive tool enterprises have sprung up.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers)

The silicon carbide abrasive product types are also developed from a simple dozen types of plain and twill cotton materials to hundreds of types of pure cotton, blended, polyester and other materials. Among them, one of the representatives of the earlier professional manufacturers has adhered to the concept of "innovation for development" and "customer chrome corundum market demand for life" for many years, and attached great importance to R & D and innovation.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers)In 2011, under the green silicon carbide condition of tight funds, more than 2 million yuan was still invested to establish the R & D engineering technology center of industrial cloth. There were few real professional manufacturers of coated abrasive cloth. It is with the development of coated abrasives industry that coated abrasives as one of its key base materials are quietly rising as a small black aluminum oxide blast media industry, and the production capacity is constantly rising.

In 2012, the black silicon carbide company invested 15 million yuan to strengthen the R & D and production of textile fiber materials, established a cooperative relationship, and initially formed an innovative mode of integration of production, research and learning. The company invested nearly one million yuan in science and technology every year, with more than 50 professional and technical talents, and hired two doctoral black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit professors for technical guidance.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers)

It has become one of the enterprises with a large aluminum oxide grit market share in the current domestic coated abrasive belt base cloth market, with an annual output of more than 20 million meters for all kinds of medium and low grade abrasive belt base cloth, which is the production and supply base of coated abrasive belt base cloth in China. It is also the executive director unit of black alumina Abrasives branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association. 

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive manufacturers)The company independently or through cooperative research and development has produced nearly 400 varieties of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media belt base cloth, some of which have replaced imports, and obtained more than 20 national invention and practical patents. It has been awarded as the excellent member unit of Coated Abrasives Association and the excellent raw material supply base of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive abrasives in China for many years.

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