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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive Suppliers USA

Hot wax injection molding uses melted paraffin as slurry medium, with uniform mixture and aluminium oxide blasting grit rapid blank making. Due to the use of compressed air injection, it can produce abrasive tools with complex shapes and uniform hardness. Hot wax injection molding process is complex, some aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive problems need to be further explored. The prepared wax slurry shall be poured into the slurry barrel of the hot press, generally not more than 2 / 3 of the barrel height. 

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The main raw materials, fused aluminum oxide and binders for hot wax injection molding are the same as section II of this chapter. The auxiliary raw materials of hot wax injection molding are paraffin, oleic acid, stearic acid and beeswax. The melting point of paraffin is 55-60 ℃, the viscosity is small after melting, reducing the intermolecular force, and the density is 0.88-0.9g/cm. Paraffin will volatilize at 150 ℃. The dry mixing of black aluminum oxide media and binders is carried out on a wheel mill.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive suppliers usa)Paraffin, as a plasticizer for hot wax injection molding, should be white block crystal, free of mechanical impurities, with a brown aluminium oxide melting point of 54-60 ℃, and an oil content of no more than 1.2% ~ 1.6%. The amount of paraffin is generally 12% - 25% according to the material, granularity and hardness of the abrasive tools. Oleic acid, stearic acid and beeswax are surfactant. Weigh the abrasives, binders and oleic acid according to the alumina grit proportioning calculation.

Because the aluminium oxide blasting surface is generally charged and polar hydrophilic, while paraffin is nonpolar hydrophobic, the abrasive and paraffin are not easy to adsorb, and precipitate easily after long-term heating. Surfactant is composed of hydrophilic group (polar group) and closed hydrophilic group (nonpolar group) which are easily soluble in water or wetted by water. synthetic corundum price and paraffin are indirectly adsorbed together through the bridge of surfactant.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive suppliers usa)

In addition, the surfactant adsorbs on the surface of the brown aluminum oxide powder, forming a single molecular thin layer, reducing the interfacial energy between the powder and paraffin, increasing the activity of the wax slurry, and reducing the wax content in the wax slurry. The mixing of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit, put it into cold water to cool and solidify, binders and paraffin is generally carried out in a bell mixer or a blade mixer. The prepared slurry is molded in a hot press.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive suppliers usa)First add the abrasives to the wheel rolling machine, then add the oleic acid for mixing. When the black alumina are completely wet, then add the binders for mixing. After mixing, sift and remove the material ball to make the material loose. Put the mixed dry material into the bell mixer and heat it to 70 ~ 80 ℃, and then put the melted and weighed paraffin and beeswax into the mixture to make the wax slurry meeting the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive performance requirements.

The compressed air shall be filtered in advance to prevent water from entering the injection machine. Several brown fused alumina process parameters should be controlled to make the wax slurry fill the mold. After removing the mold, and then remove the mold. Because of the artificial corundum softening, deformation or collapse of the green body formed by hot wax injection in the wax removal stage, the green body should be potted and fired without wax removal equipment.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive suppliers usa)

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