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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive Wholesale Price Malaysia

Driven by the aluminum oxide abrasive market demand, China's refractory industry is developing rapidly, the level of production technology and equipment is constantly improving, the quality of products is constantly improving, and the variety structure is constantly improving. China's export of aluminum oxide blasting abrasive refractory products has increased steadily. 

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The silicon carbide abrasive market covers Asia and Europe More than 150 countries and regions, such as Asia and the Americas, have been ranked first in the world in terms of export volume for many years. In 2018, the export volume exceeded 2 million tons, reaching 2.1 million tons. In 2019, affected by the international financial crisis, the aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit export volume was 1.54 million tons. In 2012, it broke through 2 million tons again, reaching 2.0397 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive wholesale price malaysia)The advantages of China's green silicon carbide refractory industry are mainly reflected in the following aspects: China is rich in refractory raw materials. Bauxite, graphite and other important refractory raw materials are famous for their large reserves, high grade and easy exploitation. So far, the variety and total amount of refractory products in China not only meet the needs of domestic high-temperature industrial production and development, but also the synthetic corundum price export volume is increasing year by year.

China's white fused alumina refractory raw materials have made remarkable achievements in selection, purification, homogenization, synthesis, modification, high temperature, calcination, electrofusion, expansion of varieties and improvement of quality. At present, there are more than a dozen kinds of fire-resistant raw materials that can be produced nationwide, with the output reaching more than 30 million tons. China is not only a big producer of refractories, but also a big consumer of alumina grit refractories.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive wholesale price malaysia)The production scale of the main downstream black silicon carbide industries is in the forefront of the world. According to the results of adjustment of global refractory production in 2011 by the European Union refractory manufacturers' Federation, the global refractory production in 2011 was 42.75 million tons. Among them, China's corundum abrasive refractory output is 29.5 million tons, accounting for 69% of the global output.

If the export of 1.95 million tons is deducted, the consumption of white aluminum oxide refractory materials by domestic enterprises in 2011 is 27.55 million tons, accounting for 65% of the total consumption of refractory materials in the world, while maintaining the inventory balance at the end of the year. Therefore, no matter how the aluminum oxide abrasive media economic situation changes, China is still the "big market" of refractory products, which brings broad development space for refractory industry.

(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive wholesale price malaysia)At present, there are Wuhan University of science and technology, Zhengzhou University, Liaoning University of science and technology, Beijing University of science and technology, Henan University of science and technology and other colleges and universities all set up professional disciplines of fused alumina refractories, training a large number of professional and technical personnel for the refractory industry every year.

China is the country with the largest number of white corundum professional and technical personnel engaged in refractories. At the same time, many R & D institutions have been set up, and the collaborative innovation mechanism of integration of production, learning and research has been implemented. The cooperation with 60 grit aluminum oxide production enterprises has been strengthened, providing technical guarantee for the production and development of refractory industry.(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive wholesale price malaysia)

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