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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasive

All parts are complete without damage, and the material and strength meet the design requirements(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The assembly clearance, wear limit and tightness of bearing, shaft, shaft sleeve, impeller and guard plate shall comply with the provisions of maintenance regulations(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). The gentle restoration area with the floor slope less than 8% is restored to a first-class cultivated land (leveled land). 

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The brand of lubricating oil (grease) shall not be changed at will, and the lubricating oil (grease) shall be clean and free of sundries(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Check whether the bolts at each part are loose, tighten the loose ones and make up the defects. Replace the worn sealing packing of the valve and pump(aluminium oxide blast media). Deep pits or high ridges larger than 1m are not allowed, so as not to affect the next operation. The body is clean and tidy. 

The indication direction of valves and other switches is clear(black corundum). When the nameplate or approved capacity is reached, the flow head of the pump shall meet the specified requirements(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The thickness of the ore layer is greater than 4.0m, the inclination angle is not limited, and the ore bodies of limestone or mixed floor are processed by the "hydraulic front shovel-backhoe" process or the "scraper-backhoe" process. 

The fitting clearance of all parts meets the requirements(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). The bearing temperature shall not exceed the allowable value. There shall be no obvious running, emitting, dripping and leakage in time. The motor and other electrical facilities operate normally(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Machine instruments and safety protection devices are complete, sensitive and reliable, ammeter, valve and other devices are complete, accurate, sensitive and reliable(white aluminum oxide 80 grit).

The standard for the main and branch roads leading to the development stope is a muddy gravel pavement, with a pavement width of 8.4m, a shoulder width of 0.4-1.4m(pink aluminum oxide), a slope not greater than 18%, and a turning radius not less than 12m(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The non-stone tooth type floor slope is 8%-18% of the gentle slope restoration area, which is reclaimed as the second-class cultivated land (gentle slope land).

Define the monthly mining plan of the mining area(100 grit aluminum oxide). Understand the current production situation and the ore grade, ore drawing conditions and ore washing capacity of each planned production stope(aluminum oxide grit blasting). Be familiar with the current situation map of the production Stope at the end of last month(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Define the mining zone of each stope and the required mining technology and mining volume. 

The outlet direction of the pump can be rotated and installed at 8 angles(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). During the mining process, technicians and construction parties shall strictly control the mining sequence, mining boundary and floor ore mining in accordance with the technological requirements(46 grit aluminum oxide). During the mining operation, the stope shall be drained as much as possible to reduce the impact of rainy days on mining operation.

All flanges, manholes and observation holes are well sealed without leakage(silicon carbide powder). If the stope is temporarily changed to adopt an unplanned stope according to the stope production status, it shall be arranged by the quality technology office(aluminium oxide sand). The spare parts are intact and all spare parts are missing(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). When using this kind of technology, the working surface must be kept flat within the excavation zone. 

The inlet and outlet pipes are unblocked, and the valves and cocks can be opened and closed flexibly(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The production technology unit arranges the production stope and mining technology according to the requirements of the monthly mining and stripping plan according to the weather, personnel, equipment and stope conditions, so as to realize fixed-point and quantitative mining(120 grit aluminum oxide). Reliable operation. 

The production technology unit reasonably arranges and controls the promotion mode of each mining process according to the needs of mining operations(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The temporary roads and working faces in the stope shall be kept in order to avoid over excavation and damage at will(silicon carbide grit). For ore bodies with a surface soil layer thickness of more than 0.3m, stripping is carried out, and a 0.3m thick protective layer is left. 

Backhoe Technology(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit): carry out backward mining for limestone or mixed floor ore body, excavate to the floor of the ore body at one time, keep balanced backhoe, avoid missing mining, level the backhoe platform moved back by bulldozer, ensure the width required for backhoe side loading or back loading, and avoid backhoe slope operation(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). In principle, the reserve stope in rainy days cannot be used in sunny days(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit).

The production technology unit arranges the mining stope and operation process according to the monthly mining plan(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). After the completion of mining operation, the quality technology office shall organize the acceptance of the mining stope(aluminium oxide blasting). Mining equipment shall be well coordinated with raw ore transport vehicles to reduce bucket sticking and improve filling coefficient and loading efficiency. 

The road surface of the stope temporary road is 5m wide and the slope is not more than 8%(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). For local soft areas, the inner part of the ore body shall be filled with large blocks of ore, and the part outside the ore body shall be filled with blocks of more than 30mm(garnet sand). For ore bodies with a ore bed thickness greater than 2.4m, an inclination angle less than 34", and a clay floor, the "scraper-scraper" process is adopted.

For ore bodies with a surface soil layer thickness of less than 0.3m, the stripping thickness must be increased, and the stripping must be carried out according to the thickness of the geological data(alumina sand). When the scraper is mining along the inclination, its operating slope cannot be greater than 18%(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). All parts are well adjusted and fastened, running smoothly, without abnormal noise, vibration and movement(corundum sand).

The operation is normal, there is no obvious oil leakage and leakage, the lubrication is good, the oil tools are complete, the oil path is unobstructed(steel grid), and the oil volume, oil quality, oil level, and oil temperature meet the requirements(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). With these two techniques, it is necessary to have a favorable loading platform and a bottom mine of 3.7m, so that the backhoe can dig to the bottom of the ore body at a time. 

For ore bodies with a thickness of less than 2.4m, an inclination angle of less than 34°, and a clay-like bottom plate or scattered edges and corners of the ore body, the "bulldozer one front loading" process is adopted(glass bead blasting media suppliers). When this process is used for mining, the mining operations should be completed in time, so as not to affect the operations of the next process or increase unnecessary mining projects(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). 

For clay floor(aluminum oxide abrasive media), after drying for a period of time, use a bulldozer (with ripper) to loosen and level(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive); for limestone floor, use dump truck to unload the stripped soil or tailings waste to the goaf for covering and leveling, along the floor The contour height difference is 2~3m and the slope protection is built to make it a level terrace(alumina abrasive), covering with humus soil and constructing drainage ditches and access roads.

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