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Acid resistance is divided into three groups according to the loss weight in pre / R22: 1 group with loss weight less than or equal to 2%(black oxide aluminum); 2 group with loss weight greater than 2%, but less than or equal to 4%; 3 group with loss weight greater than 4%, but less than or equal to 7%. Direct contact melt erosion method. Acid resistance is the ability of refractories to resist acid attack. Refractories will be eroded by alkali in use.

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Both methods stipulate that the refractory products should be broken(brown aluminum oxide), ground to 0.63-0.80mm particles, put into 70% sulfuric acid, boil for 6h, and then measure the mass loss, based on the mass fraction of raw and dry materials Number representation. Measure the change of various properties before and after the sample is eroded(glass beads supplier). Alkali resistance is the ability of refractories to resist alkali attack at high temperature.

Generally, sulfuric acid is used as the corrosives to determine the acid resistance of refractory products(silicon carbide price), such as the international standard "dense shaped refractory products - Determination of sulfuric acid resistance" (iso8890) and pre / R22. According to the weight loss of 1, 2 and 3 groups, the apparent porosity can be divided into two grades: the apparent porosity of Grade A is less than or equal to 15%(glass beads manufacturers); the apparent porosity of grade B is more than 15%.

For example, in the smelting process of blast furnace(green carborundum), with the addition of raw materials into the alkali bearing minerals, the erosion of these alkali bearing minerals on the Al Si system and the lining of carbon refractories is affected by the concentration, temperature and water vapor of alkali, which is related to the service life of blast furnace Village(garnet abrasive price), improves the alkali resistance of refractory products, and prolongs the service life of blast furnace.

There are two methods to determine the alkali resistance of refractories: mixed erosion method and direct contact melting erosion method. Mixed erosion method(silicon carbide companies). The test block is embedded in the mixture of coke particles and anhydrous k4co2. Under the condition of high temperature sealing, the test block is subject to erosion reaction(glass bead abrasive), and the size change or strength reduction rate of the test block before and after erosion is measured.

Check the condition of each sample. Under the condition of high-temperature sealing, the molten K2CO3 is directly contacted with the test block for erosion reaction(arc fused alumina). The smaller the change is, the better the alkali resistance is. For example, high aluminum acid resistant product 1A means that the weight loss of the product in the acid resistance test specified in pre / R22 is less than or equal to 2%(white aluminium oxide powder), and its apparent porosity is less than or equal to 15%.

According to ASTM c454, from one corner of each tested product(fused alumina), cut a cube with a side length of 51mm, 10 pieces form a group of samples, drill a hole with a diameter of 22mm and a depth of 25mm in the center of one face of each test block, put 8g of granular Co into the hole, add a cover piece of 6mm thick of the same material(steel shot abrasive), seal it with fireclay, and put the sample in place Put into the saggar and fill with coke powder to prevent oxidation.

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