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If u is the working voltage and D is the thickness of the dielectric oxide film(silicon carbide abrasive), the working electric field strength Er is the dielectric film, exs is generally about 600kV / mm; the electric field strength of paper-based capacitor impregnated paper is about 200-300kv / mm, which restricts the capacitor to withstand 10-20kv / mm(steel grid); and the high-frequency ceramic dielectric can only withstand 20-30kv / mm.

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Therefore, the term "Si Yi" refers to that the negative ions supplied by the working electrolyte can automatically repair the defects in the film(emery abrasive), so that the insulation performance can be repaired and improved at any time, and the voltage resistance of the product is improved. The two electrodes of ordinary aluminum capacitor have polarity(aluminum oxide manufacturers), loss tangent Gd, leakage current /, rated working voltage UA and impedance Z.(aluminum oxide blasting grit wholesale suppliers canada)

In addition to the above advantages, aluminum electrolytic capacitor also brings some disadvantages due to its own structure characteristics: the upper limit of working voltage is limited(black silicon carbide). According to their physical state, and the insulation quality is poor, the electrolyte can be divided into liquid electrolyte, half liquid (paste, gel like) electrolyte and solid electrolyte(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The cathode of electrolytic capacitor is electrolyte.

(aluminum oxide blasting grit wholesale suppliers canada)The electrolytic paper in the capacitor is used to absorb working electrolyte and isolate the village pad(aluminum oxide grit). For aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the highest working voltage is about 500V. The dielectric oxide film can withstand extremely high electric field strength(white aluminium oxide grains). In addition, the loss tangent TGD of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is larger, and the temperature and frequency characteristics are also poor(i.e. voltage application time).

The reason for the low insulation quality is that the extremely thin dielectric oxide film is prepared by electrochemical method(green silicon carbide). That is to say, the capacitance per unit volume is very high. If V (CM) is the product volume and C (LF) is the capacitance, then the ratio capacitance is large, which means that under the same capacitance(garnet suppliers), the product has smaller volume, which is conducive to the miniaturization of the product.(aluminum oxide blasting grit wholesale suppliers canada)

The anode should be connected to the positive pole of the circuit, and the cathode should be connected to the negative pole of the circuit(synthetic corundum), so it can not be reversed for use. In fact, aluminum electrolytic capacitor used in pulsating circuit consumes a small part of active power, which can be characterized by the tangent of loss angle(abrasive grade aluminum oxide), which is the ratio of active power to reactive power of electric energy loss of capacitor.

(aluminum oxide blasting grit wholesale suppliers canada)The relationship between ILC and test time, applied voltage and ambient temperature, where k value is called leakage current constant(aluminum oxide abrasive). The normal electrical performance of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is characterized by five parameters: nominal capacitance Ca(garnet abrasive). In order to connect the cathode of the capacitor to the external circuit, a cathode lead out line (plate) must be added to the structure to form a complete structure.

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