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With the increase of oxygen absorption in molten iron, the silicon deoxidation constant [% Si] also increases with the increase of temperature, so that the dissolved oxygen in equilibrium with SiO2 in molten iron increases relatively(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). At the same time, it can also be seen that if the silicon content is high, more oxygen enters SiO2 and the dissolved oxygen decreases. 

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When overheating exceeds 30 ℃, the affinity between oxygen and silicon decreases, SiO2 is reduced, the generated co escapes, and carbon and oxygen tend to decrease(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). This is a unique abnormal eutectic morphology of ledeburite eutectic. The pouring temperature of iron water in production is higher than the reaction equilibrium temperature of SiC, which can reduce SiO2 inclusions(garnet blasting media). This is a film on the surface of molten iron at a lower temperature. 

When holding above the Si-C reaction equilibrium temperature, the dissolved oxygen in molten iron increases with the extension of holding time, and the increasing trend is very similar to that of pure iron(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel); When the temperature is lower than this, the dissolved oxygen remains stable(120 grit aluminum oxide). The superheat temperature of molten iron is less than 30 ℃, and the dissolved oxygen increases with the increase of temperature.

No matter whether it is kept above or below the Si-C reaction equilibrium temperature, the dissolved oxygen in molten iron will continue to decrease with the extension of holding time, and finally even reduce the dissolved oxygen to only (2 ~ 3) × 10 *% level(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). Reducing the total pressure of furnace gas (not co partial pressure) in the furnace can reduce the Si-C reaction equilibrium temperature(aluminium oxide blasting). 

Molten iron contains many elements with strong affinity with oxygen (such as aluminum). Such molten iron strongly reduces the eutectic reaction temperature, which is very easy to make the casting white(black silicon carbide). Even if inoculant is added, it is difficult to change the supercooling tendency of molten iron(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). The eroded materials and SiO2 in slagging materials can affect the Si-C reaction equilibrium temperature.

This shows that the decrease of Si-C equilibrium reaction temperature is equal to the increase of molten iron superheat temperature at the same temperature(100 grit aluminum oxide). Because the solubility of molten iron oxygen in alkaline furnace is improved and decarburization reaction begins at a lower temperature, the minimum content of dissolved oxygen often appears at about 1460 ℃(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). The furnace lining is eroded at high temperature. 

The effect of oxygen on graphitization is twofold(green silicon carbide). This phenomenon often occurs in the molten iron that has been kept warm for a long time in the holding furnace, which may produce batches of unqualified castings(80 grit aluminum oxide). Compared with the molten iron in acid furnace, the temperature of boiling (co escape) of molten iron in alkali furnace is significantly reduced, and the reduction range may reach about 120 ℃(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel).

Generally, the dissolved nitrogen in molten iron comes from many aspects(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). According to many experiments, it is revealed that SiO2 is common in the graphite core or there are composite particles composed of SiO2, magnesium aluminum and titanium in spherical graphite, indicating that SiO2 may become the graphite nucleation matrix, and then it is demonstrated that oxygen can promote graphitization(alumina sand). 

It is also found that oxygen promotes the formation of cementite during the solidification of cast iron with low carbon equivalent and high eutectic undercooling(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). In general, this is because the solubility of oxygen in cementite is greater than that in austenite. Some experiments also suggest that oxygen can promote the formation of D-type and E-type graphite(aluminium oxide blasting media). The effect of oxygen content on the microstructure of cast iron is significant.

Oxygen atoms replace some carbon atoms of cementite and combine with iron in covalent bond to stabilize cementite(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). All inoculants for cast iron have deoxidation ability. The ability of ferrosilicon without deoxidizing elements (aluminum, calcium, barium, wrong) to promote graphitization is very poor(pink corundum). The inoculation treatment should make the residual oxygen after deoxidization still enough to provide rich nucleation matrix.

The oxygen content of gray cast iron with melting Certificate (c) = 3.39% ~ 3.46% and w (SI) = 1.38% ~ 1.58% in oxidizing atmosphere can be determined by L1 × 10 *% increased to 100 × 10 *%, the austenite precipitation temperature increased by about 10 ℃, the eutectic transformation temperature also decreased, and the austenite was fully developed, resulting in the formation of D-type and E-type graphite(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). 

Oxygen content of hypoeutectic cast iron (3-5) × 10 *% increased to 200 × 10 *%, the microstructure of cast iron changes gradually in the following order(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel): containing (3 ~ 5) × 10 *% dissolved oxygen is white mouth structure (no graphite) → anti white mouth structure → point graphite - type E eutectic → type B graphite - type a graphite (20-40 × 10 *%, dissolved oxygen) B-type stone quantity - E-type eutectic graphite → (anti white structure) white structure ((100-200) × 10%, dissolved oxygen).

During cupola iron melting, nitrogen is brought in by the air supply and dissolved in molten iron in the melting zone(steel shot abrasive). Although the oxygen content in molten iron is very small, it has a perceptible effect on the graphitization, eutectic transformation temperature, carbon content, inclusion content and loss rate of alloy elements(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). It is very important to control the oxygen content in all aspects in production to improve the quality of iron castings.

The dissolved amount increases or decreases with the change of ammonia concentration (partial pressure) in the air supply(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). With the change of oxygen content, the morphology of graphite will also change(alumina abrasive). In the arc zone of the electric arc furnace, the air is ionized at high temperature, which increases the partial pressure of nitrogen, and nitrogen enters the molten iron at a high diffusion rate. 

All kinds of metal charges contain nitrogen, but the ammonia content of steel is more prominent(black aluminum oxide). The ammonia content of converter steel is 0.010% - 0.020%, the nitrogen content of acid electric furnace steel is 0.008% - 0.010%, and the ammonia content of alkaline electric furnace steel is 0.006% - 0.014%(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel). Carbonaceous materials such as coke and graphite are often used as carburizing agents for smelting cast iron in induction furnace and electric arc furnace. 

The effect of steel addition in charge on ammonia content in low carbon cast iron melted in a hot blast cupola is monitored for a long time, and the results are listed in the table(glass bead abrasive). The nitrogen content of these carburizers is high, metallurgical coke m (n) = 0.75% - 1.50%, electrode graphite = (n) = about 0.1%. Spraying desulfurizer into molten iron with nitrogen as carrier can increase nitrogen in molten iron(aluminum oxide blasting media factory israel).

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