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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Manufacturers France

Grinding discs are highly efficient and widely used(glass bead blasting media suppliers), and are suitable for almost all industrial sectors, especially the automotive, machine building, shipbuilding and instrument manufacturing sectors. Cells can be divided into two categories: grasses (straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, bagasse, reed, etc.), thin-walled cells and thick-walled cells(aluminum oxide blast media). Can also be cut into rectangular pieces to make a page wheel.

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The composite matrix is a composite of cloth and paper(steel grid). There are two types of composite forms: one is a layer of fiber mesh cloth sandwiched between two layers of paper, abundant yields, which is pressed in as a layer of reinforcing material during the paper making process; The other is to stick a layer of cloth on the surface of the paper as the glued surface(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Most of it is stuck to the paper when manufacturing coated abrasives.

Non-woven fabrics are made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers(brown fused alumina), respectively or mixed together to form a fiber web, which is then formed into sheets and wide rolls by heating, pressing or bonding methods, because it does not pass through ordinary textiles. In the process, it has the appearance and use equivalent to cloth(brown aluminium oxide grit). Therefore, it is called non-woven fabric (original name is non-woven fabric). It is a new emerging matrix material.

What is plant fiber? Non-woven fabric is used as a matrix, and the abrasive is bonded to the fiber strip(brown aluminum oxide). A soft, non-woven abrasive cloth for polishing is formed on the rod, which can be made into a sheet product, or stuck on a belt base to make a band product, or made into a round sheet, and stacked into a wheel-shaped product(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Non-woven abrasive cloth is a new type of coated abrasive, which has a broad development prospect.

Paper-based coated abrasives occupy a significant proportion of the entire coated abrasives(brown aluminium oxide). This section briefly introduces the manufacture of base paper, general physical and mechanical properties, the requirements of coated abrasives on base paper, and the requirements and methods of base paper processing(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Papermaking raw materials are mainly plant fibers. Only the latter, thick-walled cells, are called fibers and are part of the paper.

In nature, although plant species are very abundant, only those plant materials with good quality, and reasonable prices can be used as papermaking materials(garnet abrasive). They are mainly divided into two types: one is wood fiber material, and the other is non-wood fiber material(white alumina powder). Non-wood fiber raw materials include bamboo (moso bamboo, bamboo, etc.), closed skins (linen, sesame, some hemp, hemp, etc.) And seed hairs (cotton, etc.).

The preparation of raw materials is the preliminary processing of cutting, screening and other raw materials(garnet suppliers). In addition, rags, waste paper, waste cotton, etc. can also make paper. But only wood fibers can be used as raw materials for coated abrasive paper. Plants in nature are composed of cells(low density white alumina). Parenchymal cells are "living cells" that have viability and play a role in photosynthesis, respiration, storage, and secretion in plants.

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