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By increasing NaOH concentration and solution temperature, sodium sulfide and sodium disulfide can form sodium thioferrite hydrate which is easier to dissolve than ordinary iron sulfide(white corundum). With the dilution of sodium aluminate solution (the concentration and temperature of NaOH, na2o and na2s2 in the solution decrease), and iron is finally transferred from the solution to AI (OH) 3(1200 grit aluminum oxide).

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Therefore, in order to reduce the content of iron in alumina, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of sulfide sulfur in aluminate solution(garnet abrasive). Sodium thiosulfate has no effect on the solubility of iron (the same for sodium sulfide and sodium sulfate). However, in the presence of oxidants, sodium thiosulfate will aggravate the corrosion of steel in sodium aluminate solution(46 grit aluminum oxide). Sodium disulfide is a stronger oxidant.

Sodium thiosulfate and sodium disulfide react with metal iron to oxidize iron into divalent state, which promotes the formation of thioiron complex(garnet suppliers). It has been reported abroad that magnetic chlorite has a good effect on the dissolution of bauxite under high pressure, but the satisfactory effect can be achieved only when the addition amount is 20% of the ore(white fused alumina for refractory). The heat exchange pipes of the evaporator group are subject to stronger corrosion.

Therefore, all these forms of sulfur work together to greatly strengthen the corrosion process of steel in sodium aluminate solution(white fused alumina). It should be pointed out that when the sulfur concentration is high (S3 - > 20g / 1 and 3 > 0.5g / L), the thio complex of iron becomes unstable, sodium thiosulfate and sodium disulfide become the passivator of carbon steel in aluminate solution and form Fe3 protective film on its surface(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit).

The first two forms of sulfur (such as the product of the reaction of sulfide and alkali in bauxite) are the initial forms(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The rest are generated by them. The pyrite from the beiural bauxite and the flotation pyrite concentrate from the berezovsk deposit are used as sulfur additives(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). The circulating mother liquor na2290g / L, and feo23 reacts with TiO2 to form FeTiO3, Mr = 3.14, SA = 6.03g/1. Solution Outlet temperature: 235 ℃, 2h.

It can be seen that the dissolution rate of Al2O3 decreases with the increase of sulfur content in bauxite, and the dissolution rate of alumina decreases by 0.97%, about 1%(white aluminum oxide). It can also be seen from the table that when pyrite concentrate is added, when the sulfur content in bauxite is increased from 1.01% to 2.12%(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), the alkali content in red mud is 6.16% ~ 3.15% higher than that when the phosphorus content is 0.32%.

Sodium sulfite and sodium sulfate are inert substances(steel grid). The reason why alumina is polluted by iron is due to sulfide sulfur. Interestingly, for some diaspore bauxites containing kyanite, Fe2O3 is released from the mother liquor due to the dissolution of kyanite, reducing the concentration of titanate ion in the mother liquor, increases from 0.32% to 4.68%(white aluminum oxide grit), thus eliminating the harm of TiO2 to the dissolution process without any additives. 

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