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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Manufacturers South Africa

The combustion chamber of an internal combustion hot-air stove is located on the side of the furnace, and its cross-sectional shape includes three types: circular, eye-shaped, and apple-shaped(aluminum oxide blast media). The circular combustion chamber is better for gas combustion, the partition wall is independent and stable, but the floor space is large, and the dead angle of the heating chamber is relatively large, thereby relatively reducing the bitter heat area(black alumina).

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Lattice brick is the main heat storage-heat exchange element of hot blast stove(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Its heat storage capacity is directly proportional to the bulk density, average specific heat and average temperature difference of refractory. The commonly used sleeve burner actually burns while mixing, and requires a large combustion space(aluminium oxide blasting). When using a well-mixed ceramic burner on an external combustion hot air stove, its value can be Increase to 180 ~ 200m.

(aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers south africa)The eye-shaped combustion chamber partition wall has a small footprint, and the flue gas flow is more evenly distributed in the heat storage chamber(brown fused alumina). However, the combustion chamber has a small equivalent diameter and a large resistance to the flue gas flow, which is not conducive to combustion(white alumina powder). Therefore, it is generally used in small blast furnaces. The size of the space required by the combustion chamber is related to the form of the burner.

Advantages, but the masonry is complex, generally used in large and medium-sized blast furnaces(brown aluminum oxide). Conversely, it is a semi-flameless or flameless burner, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for a special combustion chamber. For the combustion chamber of the commonly used sleeve burner(low density white alumina), the calculation is based on burning 100 ~ 140m blast furnace gas per minute per square meter of the combustion chamber's cross-sectional area.

(aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers south africa)Variations of slab bricks include corrugated bricks, cut carob point bricks(brown aluminium oxide). Gas burning space is the combustion chamber. From its own perspective, its heat transfer efficiency has a lot to do with the size of the grid holes, shapes, bricks, etc. The heat storage chamber is a space full of grid bricks(alumina grit). The surface of the brick is the heating surface of the heat storage chamber, and the grid bricks are the medium for storing heat. 

Therefore, the work of the heat storage chamber must not only transfer heat quickly but also store more heat(steel grid). Have as high a temperature level as possible. The size of the cross-sectional area of the heat storage chamber is generally obtained by subtracting the cross-sectional area of the combustion chamber from the diameter of the selected hot blast stove(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). It should be calculated by the air velocity in the area of the passage after the grid brick is filled.

(aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers south africa)The requirements for the grid brick type are: there is a maximum heating area for heat exchange(silicon carbide 180 grit); there is a compatibility with the heating surface The amount of bricks is used to store heat to ensure that in a certain air supply period, it does not cause excessive wind temperature drop(white aluminum oxide 80 grit); as far as possible, it causes airflow disturbances and maintains a high flow rate to improve the convective heat transfer efficiency.

Russia has conducted extensive research on the shape and heat transfer efficiency of grid bricks in recent years(best alumium oxide for glass blasting), emphasizing the use of large porous grid bricks with 12 or 27 holes and 25mm or 30mm pores, and obtaining good results. Both can cause airflow disturbances, and the latter can also cause horizontal airflow channels(brown aluminium oxide grit), which is conducive to the uniform distribution of airflow over the entire hot air furnace section and the heating surface is enlarged.(aluminum oxide blasting media manufacturers south africa)

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