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In the conventional Bayer method, the amount of lime added is 4% ~ 5%, and the excess lime Bayer method needs to add 15% ~ 20% lime(carborundum grit). The test results show that the alkali consumption decreases sharply with the increase of the amount of lime(silicon carbide abrasive grit). When the amount of lime added is 15% to 20%, the content of sodium methyl oxide in Bayer's method is reduced from 11.4% to less than 3%, which is equivalent to the current sintering method plant. Half.

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Excessive lime Bayer red mud has good sedimentation and compression properties(glass bead abrasive). However, this process must control the technical conditions of bauxite burn-out and excessive lime Bayer leaching to obtain the optimal alumina dissolution rate and lime Bayer alkali consumption and achieve good comprehensive economic benefits(brown aluminum oxide factory). The higher the temperature and the longer the time, the more the dissolution rate of Al2O3 decreases.

Experiments have shown that the decomposition of organic carbon is caused by heating(brown fused alumina). The presence of oxalate hinders the decomposition process and reduces the quality of alumina. In addition, this bauxite contains 0.2% organic carbon, mainly humic acid and fulvic acid(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Generally speaking, the concentrate after roasting and pre-desilication is more difficult to dissolve, and often requires higher alkali concentration and higher dissolution temperature.

While perfecting the process and the best operating conditions(brown aluminum oxide), a comprehensive comparison of comprehensive economic and social benefits with other processes is required. KRSandgren et al. Studied the high-temperature hydrogen treatment of Jamaican bauxite before Bayer dissolution(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Because the impurities of this bauxite are mainly Fe2O3 and mainly goethite, the red mud precipitates after such ore dissolution. Poor performance;

During the dissolution process, these organic substances are decomposed into oxalate and accumulated in the circulating Bayer solution, which makes the solution organic(brown aluminium oxide). The carbon concentration reaches 9 g / 1 or higher. The test conditions were 250 ° C, 50min, Na2O, 220g / L, and the eluent RP 0.55(carborundum abrasives). When CaO is added in excess, the dissolution rate of alumina will decrease, while when BaO and BaSO are added in excess, the dissolution rate will not decrease.

At the same time, the high temperature treatment process will cause the organic carbon in bauxite to be thermally decomposed into C2(glass beads manufacturers). The test proves that when the processing temperature is higher than 260 ° C, goethite begins to transform into magnetite, and the conversion rate increases with the increase of temperature(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), and the best magnetic characteristics appear when the processing temperature reaches 340 ° C.

The thermal decomposition of organic carbon also occurs during the high temperature treatment of hydrogen(garnet abrasive price), and the higher the temperature, the faster the decomposition of organic carbon. However, when the treatment temperature is higher than 300 ° C, the dissolution rate of Al2O3 may decrease(steel shot abrasive). Therefore, the high-temperature hydrogen treatment of bauxite is required. Grasp the right conditions. This solution is still far from industrial applications.

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