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It can be seen that the blast furnace is a large and complicated equipment combination, and is a combined motor composed of the above-mentioned systems(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). This section only makes some explanations on the blast furnace body and its inner plastic, including: blast furnace cooling equipment and structure, tuyere, slag mouth and structure(aluminum oxide blasting media), furnace top charging system and structure, blast furnace 5-stage inner type.

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After the iron smelting raw materials are added from the top of the blast furnace, pig iron can be obtained after a series of processes such as preheating, decomposition and reduction of iron oxides, combustion of coke and slagging(steel shot abrasive). Of course, each process is not isolated(black silicon carbide powder). The continuity and periodicity of the blast furnace smelting process determines that failure of each link of the blast furnace will affect the entire ironmaking production.

The auxiliary equipment system of the blast furnace is not described here, only the body and the blast furnace type are mentioned(white fused alumina). The most commonly used is water, which has a large thermal conductivity and a large heat capacity, which is convenient for transportation and cheap(green silicon carbide powder). The furnace body adopts an integral steel shell, which can ensure the stability of the refractory masonry and prevent gas leakage. 

The heat-resistant concrete foundation pier is set on the concrete foundation to reduce the thermal load of the foundation concrete and prevent the concrete foundation from being burnt(white aluminum oxide). Four large pillars are set at the four corners of the blast furnace, and beams are connected between the pillars to support the operating platform of each layer of the furnace body, and hot air surrounding pipes are also hung on the beams(silicon carbide grit).

The relatively complete form and structure of the blast furnace is a 5-stage type: furnace throat, furnace body, furnace waist, furnace belly, and furnace hearth(white corundum). Among them, the furnace throat, the furnace waist and the hearth are all cylindrical, and the furnace body and the furnace belly are respectively upper and lower and larger and smaller cones(white aluminium oxide super fine). Commercial furnace smelting involves complex physical and chemical changes.

The 5-stage furnace structure not only meets the need for volume increase caused by thermal expansion when the charge is lowered(glass beads manufacturers), but also adapts to the reduction and melting of the charge and the slag selection process, as well as the cooling shrinkage during the gas rise process(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). In addition, because the material erosion of the furnace waist is serious, the furnace waist is a weak link in the blast furnace.

Furnace top has loading equipment system(garnet abrasive price), furnace hearth part has slag iron processing system, as well as air supply system, raw material system, dust removal system, etc. Because the blast furnace and the system to which it belongs are a huge system, every link is indispensable(low sodium white fused alumina). Practice has proved that the 5-stage type as a modern furnace structure meets the requirements of ironmaking production and has achieved significant results. 

The internal shape of the blast furnace as an external condition does have a great impact on the smelting process(glass bead abrasive). Now the characteristics and functions of the internal section in the smelting process are described as follows: Furnace throat. It mainly plays a role of protecting the furnace lining(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), reasonable distribution and limiting the gas The effect of being carried out by a large amount of gas.

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