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With the improvement of modern technology and the update of operating concepts, the price of electric energy has risen, especially with the strict environmental protection requirements, the view that the effect of harm is greater than the benefit has been generally accepted by people, and the effect is reduced as much as possible(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). The duration is becoming the consensus of my country's lead industry(corundum abrasive).

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The effect coefficient of the advanced production series is controlled below Q05 times/grid(garnet supply), and the duration of the effect is reduced as much as possible (with the help of the automatic fast extinguishing effect function of the control system, the effect duration is only tens of seconds). Therefore, controlling the alumina concentration in a low range (such as 15 ~ 3.5%) is conducive to obtain better control effect(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia).

Of course(aluminum oxide blast media canada), by reducing the pole pitch, the increase in cell voltage due to too low (or too high) concentration can be suppressed, but it is obvious that the decrease in pole pitch is detrimental to the stable operation and current efficiency indicators of electrolyzed plants. It is not only the electrochemical reaction area in the electrolysis process, but also the heat source center for maintaining the electrolysis temperature(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia).

Controlling the alumina concentration in a low range also just meets the requirements of modern various oxidation residual concentration control technologies (or called on-demand feeding control technologies), because these control technologies need to analyze the changes in the feeding rate (that is(white aluminium oxide grit), oxidation Aluminum concentration change) caused by the change in cell resistance to obtain alumina concentration information(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia).

In short, the traditional concept believes that although the effect has the above-mentioned adverse effects on the electrolytic cell, it also has a good side(silicon carbide powder). First of all, the occurrence of the effect is a sign that the concentration of zirconium oxide has reached a low limit(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). Because factories in western developed countries are controlled by environmental protection policies, the effect coefficient is required to be below 01(brown fused alumina grit).

It can be used to correct the material balance of the electrolytic cell and eliminate the precipitation that may occur in the electrolytic cell (this point is for the electrolysis production that used manual feeding or no advanced control system in the past)(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). For example, the size of each effect coefficient depends not only on the control of dry lead oxide concentration, but also on the control of heat balance and the quality of anode(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia).

Secondly, the slag under the bottom palm of the anode is generally used for the purpose of cleaning the bottom palm of the anode when the effect occurs(black silicon carbide). The aluminum electrolytic cone can only be produced normally only when a certain pole distance is maintained. The pole distance of the normal production process is generally between 4cmm-5cm(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). The series of interviews is an effective means to control the material balance(aluminium oxide suppliers).

Therefore(60 grit aluminum oxide), the pole pitch refers to the distance between the bottom of the aluminum electrolysis sleeve rigid pole and the cathode aluminum liquid mirror (ie the interface between the turning solution and the electrolyte), which is the distance between the anode and the anode of the electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). The effect coefficient can be controlled below 0.3, and the duration of the specified effect is generally specified as 3~5min.

It is possible to find out the carbon block whose pole distance is too low(garnet blasting media). Since the electrolytic cell with this problem will show voltage swings, the anode current density distribution (and the size of the current distribution of each anode block) are detected(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). Because changing the pole distance changes the resistance of the electrolyte between the anode and the cathode(silicon carbide 180 grit), thus changing the voltage drop of the electrolyte between the electrodes.

With the improvement of automatic control technology and pole quality, when in the low concentration area, serious energy loss and lead loss, the cell resistance is sensitive to the change of alumina concentration(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). Otherwise, the contradiction between reducing electrolyte temperature and maintaining appropriate oxidation error concentration and appropriate electrode distance (cell voltage) cannot be solved(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia).

In conclusion(steel shot abrasive), whether considering the technical conditions of modern low molecular ratio process or modern alumina concentration control technology, it is generally necessary to adopt low alumina concentration, but the use of low concentration is not considered from the direct relationship between alumina concentration and current efficiency(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). Therefore, modern electrolysis process requires the effect coefficient to be less than 0.3(46 grit aluminum oxide).

However(aluminium oxide grit suppliers), if only from the point of view of saving energy consumption, the alumina concentration in the medium concentration area is beneficial to reduce the tank voltage(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). If a concentration control program can ensure that the tank condition is stable, there is no precipitation and the effect system meets the requirements(glass bead abrasive). If the given process and technical conditions can be maintained smoothly, it shows that it is successful.

For example(220 grit aluminum oxide), because the research on the direct relationship between alumina concentration and current efficiency is inconclusive, some studies believe that increasing alumina concentration can improve current efficiency, while others (especially the industrial experimental research of large-scale pre culture error) come to the conclusion that reducing oxidation concentration can improve current efficiency(anode bottom palm)(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia).

In the medium concentration area, there is a concentration value that minimizes the fine voltage (for example, the minimum point of acid electrolyte with molecular ratio of 23 ~ 26 is between 3.9% ~ 4.0%)(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). If it is higher or lower than the concentration value, the tank voltage will increase, which is unfavorable to the energy consumption index(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). That is, the current efficiency is the lowest in the medium concentration region(brown aluminum oxide blast media).

Other researchers concluded that the theoretical relationship curve between current efficiency and lead oxide concentration is a "U" curve(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). Because the relationship curve between tank voltage and alumina concentration is also a "U" curve, we believe that managers should not mechanically pursue "low concentration operation" from the test value of oxidation error concentration, but focus on the effect of concentration control(white aluminum oxide powder).

Under normal circumstances(120 grit aluminum oxide), the lower the group effect coefficient of aluminum electrolysis process, the better, because the effect will lead to the cell voltage up to 0 ~ 50V until the effect is extinguished, resulting in a sharp rise in temperature, especially a large number of carbon chloride gases that seriously damage the atmospheric ozone layer during the effect period(sponge media abrasive), so it is strictly controlled by modern environmental protection policies(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers malaysia). 

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