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No matter what protection process is adopted, the quality of the furnace is the prerequisite for determining the slow quality of the wax(silicon carbide price). It can be seen that the importance of firing start-up work and later management work are important factors that determine sugar life, safe production, economic benefits, and stable operation(white fused alumina price). There are three ways to install the furnace: empty acid furnace, solid cavity furnace, and half-empty acid furnace.

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Furnace installation is the preliminary work of electrolytic finishing and firing(high purity fused aluminum oxide), which is mainly to load the materials needed for automatic building, and related equipment to the electrolytic cotton to be started in an orderly manner according to the operating procedures(white fused alumina manufacturer). In addition, CSCEC's fine-quality magnets can uniformly protect the cavity temperature while preventing oxidation of the cathode magnet surface. Mixture protection.(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers portugal)

The difference between the three is mainly the filling of the center joint material(green carborundum). The cavity is protected, the anode middle seam is not filled with ice flakes, and the middle seam is isolated with a cover plate after the end of the engraving to prevent the material from slipping and entering(aluminium oxide blasting grit). This method is the most widely used technology to start the dry-densing method, which can ensure that the high-rent liquid electricity is filled with the essence when the electrolyzer is started.

(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers portugal)The solid cavity is protected, the anode middle tank is not isolated, and the electrolytic fine edge and middle seam are all filled with materials(white fused alumina suppliers). As the degree of sintering increases, the middle seam cryochonite melts, which can effectively fill the pattern of bright poles generated during winding(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Menghe material is the extract of carbon flow and furnace deposit in electrolysis production, and its composition is close to cryopinite.

This method is mainly used in the automatic electrolysis sugar dry method(silicon carbide companies). Half-fasting outfit. In the half-cavity furnace, there is a small amount of cryogenic stone filled in the middle line of the interpole, and the filling height is about one-third of the slow height. The middle tank still needs to be isolated. The application of this method is mainly to solve the problem of local high temperature during the peak burning process(black oxide aluminum). The following is an example of air control protection.(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers portugal)

The electrolyzer out of the large cell or the production system must go through the start-up and later management before it can be over-excited to normal production(white aluminum oxide blast media). The burning and start-up of the large-scale electrolytic cell can be completed within 95 hours at most, which only occupies the entire cell life. Q. About 2%, but the firing start link is an important link that determines the life of the essence(garnet abrasive price). The thermal shock of Mingji internal materials.

(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers portugal)Take a large plant as an example(arc fused alumina), the amount of ice stone used in the furnace is more than 10t, and the price of ice stone is much higher than the price of the mixture. So in recent years, the mixture is used to charge the furnace to save costs(glass beads supplier). Therefore, using slag and furnace bottom sinking and spinning as a mixture instead of pure ice stone for protection or culturing electrolyte can also be used to start the electrolysis chair.

What needs to be emphasized is that the ice product and the mixture are loaded in layers when the furnace is installed(fused alumina). The later management of the start-up period is the key stage for the formation of the electrolytic cell and the transition of the technical conditions. It usually takes 2 to 3 months(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The management during this period determines the stability and economic indicators of the electrolytic cell in the normal period of production.(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers portugal)

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