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Conduct reciprocating test from the upper limit to the lower limit and increase the load(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). Carefully observe whether the fixture itself is lubricated. Draw a line under the anode bus and stay at the 50mm position for 24h to check whether the anode slides and verify whether the clamping force of the fixture meets the requirements(aluminum oxide for sale). The management process is shown in the figure. 

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Insulating part of electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). The artificial leg extension and carbon seam paste cap are qualified. There is no foreign matter in the tank shell and the upper area of the tank; The area around the electrolytic cell, the channel and the floor under the cell are clean and free of sundries(garnet blasting media). Confirm that all short-circuit pieces have been connected and the current will not pass through the electrolytic cell, and then start the test.

Therefore, measuring the resistance of each insulating part of the electrolytic cell with a multimeter or other qualified measuring instruments must meet the requirements of the design specification (reference table of the design specification) and the feeding system(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). The welding quality is required to be qualified without slag inclusion, unilateral, undercut, overlap, desoldering, false welding, air hole, etc(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

All pipe networks on the tank shall be purged, all air filters and oil atomizers shall be cleaned, and air tightness test shall be carried out, and the test pressure shall not be less than 0.6MPa(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). Detect the voltage drop and insulation of electrolytic elliptical short junction and bus contact, and measure the temperature of each short junction and bus connection point(100 grit aluminum oxide). The chute on the chute is normally fed, and the material box is well sealed.

To sum up, the aluminum liquid culture method has the following advantages: simple method and easy operation(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). Examination and commissioning of slot controller. Use the ruler to check the levelness, perpendicularity and integrity of the bus, without obvious inclination, and the crimping surface is smooth(alumina abrasive). After manual test, the commercial low material level signal light of the material box is on, and there is no material leakage after filling.

There is no need for soft connection between anode bus and anode guide rod(aluminum oxide sandblasting media); There is no need to use a shunt device to shunt the current, and the series current can be directly used for full current burning(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea); The current distribution in the anode, liquid aluminum and cathode is relatively uniform, the temperature distribution in the tank is uniform, and there will be no local serious overheating. 

Check the tightness respectively(silicon carbide grit). Each corresponding switch on the slot controller shall be calibrated to meet the production requirements, such as "shelling time", "blanking time", "no material time", etc; Operate all switches involved in electrolytic production and observe whether their corresponding actions are normal(aluminum oxide sand). Bus inspection. Then check whether there is air leakage at all connections and seals(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). If there is air leakage, make records.

If the laying thickness is large, the coke particle size can be slightly larger: if the coke layer thickness is small, the coke particle size cannot be too large(alumina sand). Whether the superstructure is bent or unable to bear; Whether the crane slips, or does not slip under normal load but slips during overload test; Whether the anode fixture is firm and reliable(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea); Whether the lifting motor and reducer are heated; Whether the welded junction of anode bus is broken or cracked.

After the construction unit repairs it, check the air tightness again until it is qualified(aluminium oxide blasting media). Auxiliary equipment inspection. Pay attention to the inspection and acceptance of key equipment such as multi-functional unit, crown block, aluminum outlet lifting package, anode lifting frame and automatic lifting platform(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). Check the installation of grid plate, which shall be flat without shaking, and the insulation shall meet the specifications.

Electrolyte cleaning after start-up saves labor and materials(silicon carbide powder). However, the molten aluminum method also has some serious disadvantages: high temperature molten aluminum (750-900 ℃) is instantly poured into the cold tank, and the huge temperature difference makes the cathode carbon block subject to strong thermal shock, which is easy to crack the lining of the cathode carbon block and affect its service life(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). How to conduct short circuit test?

Check the anode fixture while lifting the anode lifting mechanism(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). Before the short-circuit test, full preparations must be made to complete a series of inspections, including the welding quality and insulation inspection of the bus around the tank, the load-bearing inspection of the anode lifting mechanism, the inspection of the shelling and blanking mechanism, the inspection of the control system of the tank controller, etc(aluminium oxide blasting).

The cathode carbon block is not oxidized under the protection of liquid aluminum, and the anode is covered with ice crystal powder to avoid air oxidation(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). When the spacing is 100mm, the voltage shall not exceed 20mV, the temperature of short junctions shall not exceed 100 ℃, and the insulation value shall be greater than 1m0(glass bead abrasive). The selection of coke particle size is very important in the method of coke particle culture.

Check the crimping and insulation of short junctions(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). Check the linkage action and effect light of the slot controller, assess the panel function, and observe whether the actions such as early warning function, status function and manual function are executed; Whether the indicator light indicates accurately(pink aluminum oxide); The control circuit shall be debugged step by step to confirm that the actions on the cell controller and electrolytic cell are accurate.

The temperature of short junction shall not be greater than 100 ℃, and the temperature of each pressure contact shall not be greater than 55 ℃(120 grit aluminum oxide). What is the management process of coke pellet flame start-up in the pre culture tank(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea)? At present, most aluminum plants in China use coke particle resistance sintering technology, or coke particle sintering for short(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). The short-circuit test shall be carried out by stages, and each time it is powered on for 5-6h.

The start-up of coke particle bee burning can be divided into several stages: comprehensive preparation before preheating, preparation before power on, power on, start-up and post start-up management(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). What are the preparations for pyroxene burning in the pre culture tank before power on(steel shot abrasive)? After full preparation, complete the following operations step by step according to the operating procedures: selection of coke particle size and type.

The size of coke particle size varies according to the thickness of coke layer(black corundum). Short circuit test is a test of the quality of the bus system before the series electrolytic cell is powered on and put into operation, that is, the current is directly circulated in the bus system without passing through the electrolytic cell, so as to check the installation and welding quality of the bus system(aluminum oxide blasting media suppliers south korea). It is required that the external quality of the installation is qualified.  

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