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Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media Wholesale Taiwan

Conversion, true density and other characteristics, made into a series of products with different brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh fineness. The production process can be summarized as two steps of calcination and two methods of grinding. The two-step calcination is that the 120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media raw material Al (OH) 3 is first calcined in a 1.8m × 28m rotary kiln at 800 ℃, so that Al (OH) 3 is completely dehydrated. 

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The dehydrated alumina is mixed with composite additives, packed in a casket for mullite synthesis, white aluminum oxide grit and calcined in a 94.8m long tunnel kiln (1450 ℃), so as to carry out continuous production. There are two kinds of micro powder processing technology: wet process and dry process. It adopts two kinds of alumina abrasive grinding technology and many kinds of production means to meet the needs of users in all aspects. 

The wet processing technology is: adding the calcined arAl2O3 material introduced above to the brown aluminum oxide sandblasting stirring ball mill, that is, stirring the ball mill two times, the slurry buffer tank, some washing tanks, some mediation tanks, passing some spray dryers, and the finished products in the washing tank must be pickled and iron removed. Practice has proved that good results have been achieved, water and aluminum oxide blasting media ball. 

The slurry in the washing tank needs to settle for more than 5 hours before low sodium white fused alumina discharging the overflow. The upper trough is replaced by the ordinary pump, the slurry is driven into the upper trough, then the flow is controlled through the gate, and the slurry flows into the sprinkler head. Through three-stage filtration, coarse particles are prevented from entering the black silicon carbide powder product. Dry production is to use roller mill and air mill for grinding.

Because of the large real density (3.92 ~ 3.97g / cm2) and certain viscosity of the brown aluminum oxide 16 grit material, the problem that the mixing shaft can not be started occurs during the washing. The hardness of a-Al2O3 is very high, resulting in serious wear and tear of the spray tray of atomizing slurry in the Monod pump lining and spray dryer, green silicon carbide powder and contaminating the material and increasing the consumption of spare parts.

At the same time, a high strength ceramic lining is inserted in the discharge hole of the brown fused alumina spray tray, thereby solving the problem of pulling the material on the edge of the disc hole. The original grain size of various types of a-Al2O3 is controlled by additives, and the particle size distribution and average grain size of various types of silicon carbide grit products are controlled by controlling the proportion and grinding time of abrasive.

If the size of the brown aluminum oxide primary crystal is controlled, it is easy to achieve the required granularity of the product. Through the above production process, zt-1g, 10g, 20g, 30ga-al2o3 micro powder and ultra micro powder series products are produced. The range of particle size distribution is narrow. The aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit product has stable quality and excellent physical and chemical properties, especially the content of Na2O is not more than 0.06%.

The problem in production is solved by using the up and down paddle mixer to make the brown aluminium oxide mixing start from the upper layer of sediment. The y-al2o3 crystal lattice is activated by phase transfer agent, which makes it easy to nucleate, and nucleation takes place preferentially on the surface with more defects or concentrated lattice distortion. In the tank, the roller type mixing rod was used to sink in the precipitated white aluminium oxide super fine material.

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