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One type is a polar condensate polymer produced by polycondensation reaction, such as ammonium amide, ethylene terephthalate, etc.(aluminium oxide 36 grit), has strong interaction force between molecules; the other is a non-polymer produced by addition polymerization reaction; polyvinyl alcohol is soluble in water, ethanol, etc(white aluminum oxide grit). Polar-junction polymers, such as high-density and low-cost ethylene, isotactic and syndiotactic polypropylene, etc.

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How to choose a suitable solvent when preparing a dish compound solution(black silicon carbide factory)? From the practical application point of view, first of all, the destruction of the phase requires heat absorption: then the mixture of the damaged polymer and the solvent, so the non-polar crystalline polymer needs to be heated to close to its melting point when the lattice After being destroyed(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), the non-molecular solvent will diffuse into the capsule and gradually dissolve.

For example, the melting point of high-density polyethylene is 135 ℃, and it can be well dissolved in THF at 135 ℃(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Although the molecules have the interaction force of polar groups, Because the molecular chain structure is very regular, it can also form a knot(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Non-polar polymers are soluble in non-polar solvents, such as natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber can dissolve dry gasoline, benzene, toluene and other non-polar agents.

Isotactic polypropylene requires 135C to dissolve in Tetrachloromethane(fused alumina), however polar crystalline polymers can be dissolved in polar solvents at room temperature, for example polybromoamine can be dissolved in cresol under room rent , 40% sulfuric acid, phenol-icelic acid mixed solvent; it has rubber elasticity(white fused alumina for refractory), polyethylene terephthalate soluble dry o-aminobenzene ship and a 1: 1 mass mixture of benzene and tetrachloroethane Medium.

This is because when the amorphous part of the crystalline polymer is mixed with the solvent(white fused alumina), the strong interaction between the two releases a lot of heat to melt the crystalline part, so the product-knitting process can be carried out at normal temperature. The solubility of crystalline compounds is not only related to the molecular weight, but also to the degree of product, and the solubility of the product is small(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). They are pure hydrocarbons.

Polystyrene is soluble in non-polar benzene and ethyl extract, and it can also be dissolved in polar butanone and other solvents(white aluminum oxide). The high solvent resistance of the conjugated polymer is helpful to expand the use of the compound, but it is too difficult to dissolve and it will bring difficulties to some polymer molding processes(aluminum oxide 40 grit). This network formed by cross-linking, crystallization, or entanglement of chains The structure is called a gel when it is in a swollen state. 

Generally speaking, in practical applications, the dissolution rules are discussed from the following three aspects(arc fused alumina). Capsules with a cross-linked structure cannot be dissolved by the solvent, because the individual molecular chains cannot be completely separated, but they can absorb a large amount of solvent and swell to a certain extent(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Because the gel has a network structure, and the swollen diffuser is actually a concentrated solution of encapsulate.

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