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Aluminum Oxide For Sand Blaster Suppliers In China

Abrasives should have a high hardness, the hardness of white fused alumina abrasives should be higher than the hardness of the workpiece to be processed, and they should have good wear resistance. Generally speaking, under the same other conditions, the higher the abrasive hardness is, the better its abrasion resistance and cutting performance will be. white aluminum oxide abrasive have a wide range of uses. 

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As grinding purposes, white aluminum oxide should have the following basic properties: Abrasives shall have machinability and can be made into particles with wide size range, uniform shape and neat size. The abrasive should have certain toughness. Abrasive toughness refers to the ability to resist fragmentation and maintain the cutting edge during white fused aluminium oxide grinding. Abrasives are tools for grinding, grinding and polishing.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers in china)

For grinding, in order to obtain the required machining accuracy and efficiency, the white corundum must be processed into uniform particles with a certain particle size. Therefore, the material which is difficult to be processed into particle shape is not suitable to be selected as abrasive. For example, hard alloy, although its hardness is very high, but its toughness is also very high, it is difficult to process and granulate, so it is not suitable for brown aluminum oxide 250 grit abrasive.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers in china)brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers shall be resistant to high temperature and have high temperature stability. During grinding, a lot of heat will be generated in the contact area between the abrasive and the workpiece to be processed, especially in high-speed grinding and heavy-duty grinding, with local temperature up to 1500 ℃. Therefore, the brown fused alumina suppliers abrasive used should be able to maintain its inherent hardness and strength under high grinding temperature.

For example, 100 grit aluminum oxide white, although its hardness is higher than silicon carbide, is easy to be oxidized at high temperature, so it is not suitable for use as grinding tools, only as grinding paste, and its grinding use is greatly limited. Abrasives shall be chemically stable and shall not react with workpieces, binders or coolants during brown fused alumina 60 grit grinding. Grinding is not only a simple mechanical process, chemical reaction also plays a very important role in it.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers in china)They are fine wholesale brown fused alumina abrasives to improve the polishing degree of stone plate. Most of them are artificial abrasives made of abrasives and binders. Abrasives are widely used not only in mechanical manufacturing and other metal processing industries, but also in grain processing, paper industry, ceramics, glass, stone, plastic, rubber, wood and other non-ferrous aluminium oxide grit suppliers industries Processing of metal materials.

Therefore, it is an unsolved problem to develop a natural, long life and low cost diamond tool. Compared with the existing brown fused alumina oxide, the natural emery abrasives made by the above raw materials and processes have the characteristics of strong willfulness, high smoothness, less and shallow sand marks, fine and even grinding surface, etc., brown fused alumina factory which can improve the product quality, short grinding time, high efficiency, low price and long service life.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers in china)

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