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Aluminum Oxide For Sand Blaster Suppliers SA

For example, the carbon content of aluminium oxide grit suppliers material with carbon content of 0.18% decreased to 0.10% and Cao · 6al2o3 decreased obviously after high temperature oxidation. In addition to sufficient refining time, the temperature of the molten liquid should be high enough to keep the liquid level cool smoothly and slowly so as to facilitate impurity segregation, so as to increase Al2O3 content and brown fused aluminum oxide factory reduce Fe2O3 content. 

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The reason why the current fluctuation of brown fused alumina factory smelting is not large is that the raw material is pure and the viscosity is small, and there is no reduction reaction. In order to make the resistance of molten liquid stable and the current swing small, it is only necessary to guarantee the input of rated power according to the load curve in combination with the furnace condition. The pickling treatment can eliminate the residual ferromagnetic material after buy brown fused alumina machining.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers sa)Graphite electrodes must be used. The method of reducing the current gradually and stopping the boiler slowly shall be adopted. The smelting process of white corundum is similar to that of brown fused alumina, which can be divided into dumping method, melting block method and exile method. The smelting process of white corundum is simple. The quality and output of white aluminum oxide blast media are seriously affected by the dispersion of Al2O3 crystal. 

In the brown aluminum oxide melting block, sometimes the color in the middle part will be gray or even black, which will cause a large number of unqualified products. There are two kinds of joining packages, namely, unlined joining package and lined joining package. According to the measurement, the heat loss without lining accounts for more than 24% of the white fused aluminum oxide product energy consumption, while the heat loss with lining accounts for about 4%.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers sa)

There are some differences between pouring smelting white corundum and brown aluminium oxide: for the furnace masonry materials, white corundum sand or industrial aluminum oxide powder are generally used as the masonry materials because of its high purity and pure white color. No village bag to forced water-cooling, lined with the general use of graphite and white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit refractory products as a lining, so as not to affect product quality.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers sa)The difference between smelting white corundum and brown fused alumina suppliers by melting block method is that the lining of white corundum furnace should not only have good heat insulation performance, but also have good permeability, otherwise all kinds of heating furnace gas will pass through the molten liquid and then escape, forming molten "blasting". The free carbon can be separated from white fused alumina oxide mfg and carbide can be oxidized by high temperature oxidation.

White corundum furnace body is also divided into two kinds: one is lined, the building materials are stricter than brown fused alumina 60 grit furnace, and the general requirements are sintered products; the other is unlined, or have special ventilation channel, with only one steel cone, the building without furnace lining is simple, but the heat loss is large. The secondary voltage of corundum white furnace is higher than that of brown corundum furnace.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers sa)

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