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Aluminum Oxide For Sand Blaster Suppliers Taiwan

The average white aluminum oxide grain size of the clinker calcined at 1750-1830 ℃ is 50-100um. The size of equiaxed crystal of clinker calcined at 1900 ~ 1950 ℃ is very large, and it is mostly composed of coarse rhombic crystal. For the clinker calcined at 1900 ℃, the size of - Al2O3 crystal is equal to 50-150um, and the 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media crystal calcined at 1950 ℃ is in the form of plate and sheet. 

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However, the crystal size of clinker calcined at (1500 ± 20) ℃ is less than 10um, garnet abrasive price in which there are single fine aal2o3 with uneven distribution of 3um × 10um ~ 5um × 15um. The sintering performance of sintered corundum is better than that of electric fused corundum, because it is calcined at the temperature above 1800 ℃, and the 150 grit aluminum oxide crystal size grows from 10um to 100um, forming dense sintering between crystals.The more developed the crystal is, the larger the pore diameter is.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers taiwan)The main crystalline phase of sintered corundum is a-Al2O3, but due to different calcination temperature and additives, the glass beads manufacturers crystal size and morphology of a-Al2O3 are different. Acicular crystal. (1300 ± 20) ℃ calcined clinker, aal2o. It is cryptocrystalline. The most obvious difference between sintered 60 grit aluminum oxide and electric fused corundum is the crystal size and porosity state. The electric fused corundum is characterized by many air pores, uncertain shape and many open pores.

The purity of Al2O3 in sintered white fused alumina is high, over 99.5% ~ 99.6%, and there are few impurities, especially Na2O. The microstructure of sintered corundum is a dense a-Al2O3 polycrystalline sinter, which contains a small amount of β - Al2O3 crystal, and there is no glass phase. Sintered corundum is an irregular and polygonal crystal with a crystal size of 5-80um, while fused white alumina powder is composed of 1000 um large crystals in sheet and rod shape.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers taiwan)

There is no significant difference between the total porosity of sintered glass bead abrasive and that of electric melting, but most of them are spherical in the form of closed pores, and some of them are concentrated in the grain boundary. The mechanical strength of sintered corundum is higher than that of electric melting, because the surface of crystalline particles has small convex concave, so it is easy to combine with binder. The fused alumina abrasive is a single crystal with flat pegmatite surface.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster suppliers taiwan)During calcination, the shrinkage of sintered white corundum is larger than that of electric melting. Because of the shrinkage during sintering, the shrinkage during the firing of bricks is smaller, so that the products with accurate size can be obtained and the products can be sintered at a lower temperature. The products of fused steel shot abrasive have little change after sintering, so it is difficult to sinter and produce the strength of the molding body.

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