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Aluminum Oxide For Sand Blaster Wholesale USA

Resin binder is composed of binder (resin) and various fillers. The type and amount of filler have a great influence on the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers physical and mechanical properties of the binder. Therefore, brown fused alumina suppliers high bond strength and appropriate hardness; the type and amount of filler must be selected reasonably. Resin bond is used to bond the loose Abrasives into a certain shape. 

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Resin bond shall have the following 100 grit aluminum oxide white properties: good bond performance, good heat resistance, which is conducive to improving grinding efficiency and reducing the surface roughness of grinding workpiece; good economy and environmental protection. The aluminium oxide grit suppliers results show that the hardness of the test block with resin powder increased from 0.176% to 4.23% decreased by two grades and the strength decreased by 20%.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster wholesale usa)Under the action of hardener, the resin powder can be changed into thermosetting resin by white fused alumina price heating. In order to meet the special requirements of abrasive tool production, phenolic resin is the main resin, and a certain amount of other resins are added, such as phenolic epoxy resin, phenolic polyamide, etc. The content of free phenol is 3.5% ~ 7%, especially the brown fused alumina 60 grit sheet wheel. 

Phenolic resin mainly produces white fused alumina phenol, xylenol, polyphenol and other phenols, formaldehyde, furfural alcohol and other aldehydes, catalysts, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonia water, magnesium oxide and so on. If the softening point is too high, the plasticity of the brown aluminum oxide 250 grit forming material is poor, and the forming strength of the abrasive tool is affected.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster wholesale usa)

The white aluminum oxide polycondensation of phenols and aldehydes can be carried out under pressure, atmospheric pressure and reduced pressure. The density of thermoplastic phenolic resin is 1.181.32g/cm, and the softening point is 85 ~ 110 ℃. It is white or light yellow translucent solid powder at room temperature, white fused aluminium oxide which is easy to absorb water in the air. The resin powder can be dissolved in ethanol, butanol, acetone and other solvents without hardener.

(aluminum oxide for sand blaster wholesale usa)The softening point of thermoplastic phenolic resin is high, and the tensile strength of its brown aluminium oxide is high. The effect of softening point on the hardness of abrasive tools is not obvious, but it has a great influence on the feasibility of manufacturing process of abrasive tools. Low softening point (e.g. 85 ℃), resin powder is easy to be sticky and caking, which is easy to cause caking of forming materials and inconvenient to white aluminum oxide abrasive manufacture.

The glass bead abrasive particle size of resin powder mostly belongs to F240 and finer particle size. If the particle size of resin powder is too fine, it is easy to agglomerate. If the particle size is too coarse, the forming material is not easy to mix evenly, which affects the hardness and strength of abrasive tools. Resin powder is easy to absorb water in the air and harden, which brings inconvenience to production and affects the strength and hardness of wholesale brown fused alumina tools.

At home and abroad, the resin used to manufacture resin abrasive tools are mainly man-made phenolic resin, steel shot abrasive epoxy resin, poly floating resin, polyamide, etc. It is usually polycondensation under normal pressure in acid or alkaline medium. Phenolic resin is divided into thermoplastic phenolic resin and thermosetting phenolic resin. After being heated and solidified, it has certain hardness, strength and brown fused alumina oxide grinding performance.(aluminum oxide for sand blaster wholesale usa)

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