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Aluminum Oxide Grit Mesh Size F16 Wholesale Price Thailand

Multi bed is the same kind of ion exchange equipment which is used in series(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Therefore, in order to reduce the anionic concentration in the water entering the anion exchange column, it is generally necessary to use a mechanical method (co degassing tower) to remove the CO gas before entering the anion exchange column(220 grit aluminum oxide). There are two kinds of common structure modes of water distribution, mesh and drainage phase.

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Generally, the cation exchange bed is in front of the anion exchange device(corundum white). In the mixed bed, the ion-exchange resin and anion exchange resin are put in the same device, and the ratio of cation tree boat and anion resin is 112. According to the combination of these different beds, various water treatment systems can be obtained(aluminium oxide sandblasting). Generally, the mixed bed ion exchange column regenerated outside the column can also adopt the double bed type.(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 wholesale price thailand)

If it is not removed and enters the anion exchange column, the CO gas is exchanged with the anion exchange resin(100 grit aluminum oxide white), thus affecting the full utilization of the exchange capacity of the anion exchange resin. When it is used, it can be installed according to its purpose and the redundant interface can be closed. It is mainly used for air exhaust when the water in the empty column state and when the resin is loose and mixed(80 grit aluminum oxide). In engineering, the ion exchange column is often processed into a general form.

Therefore, in the production of pure water, at present, ceramic ring or metal ring packing mechanical blast degassing tower is widely used(arc fused alumina). In order to minimize the external pollution of pure water and to avoid multiple pressurization in series operation, the fixed bed ion exchange column with cylinder, seal, pressure and positive flow is commonly used at present(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). The degassing tower is used to remove the carbonic acid formed by the exchange column.

(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 wholesale price thailand)Exhaust port, its function and the structure of ion exchange column can be divided into three types according to the common use, i.e. double bed or single bed(brown fused alumina), mixed bed with regeneration in column and mixed bed with anion transfer out regeneration. Although the above three forms have different uses and structural forms(white alumina powder), their technological characteristics are basically similar and their structural differences are not significant.

The roles and requirements of each part are as follows(brown aluminum oxide). Its function is to be used as water inlet during normal operation and resin washing; as drainage during backwashing; as regeneration liquid inlet during resin regeneration and as exhaust during loosening and resin mixing. The setting direction of the eyelet is closely related to the regeneration mode(white fused alumina suppliers). This kind of degassing can generally reduce the CO content in water and the weight of gas to less than 5mg / L. 

At present, there are two commonly used forms of water distribution(brown aluminium oxide): the net cloth can be made of alkali resistant nylon cloth, polyester cloth or plastic window screen. The effect of using plastic window screen is very good, but the window classic sold in the market should be heated on the flat plate, and the mesh should be reduced after cooling, so as not to let the resin leak(white fused alumina manufacturer). The double bed is used in series with two different ion exchange devices.(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 wholesale price thailand)

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