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The difference between this method and the general etcher lies in(aluminum oxide 1000 grit): firstly, the surface of the corroded metal should be coated with anti-corrosion material, and at the same time, the figure needed for processing should be made on the anti-corrosion material, so that the surface to be corroded can be exposed clearly and accurately(white alumina powder). These exposed parts can be some grooves, or some other lines, etc.

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For example: the forging blank of aero-engine, combustion chamber, outer space vehicle shell, etc.(white corundum manufacturers), is designed to reduce the mass or remove the surface layer to facilitate the subsequent machining. This method is a kind of chemical processing method to corrode the selected pattern(white fused alumina suppliers). For the first method, aircraft skin, it can also be understood as a kind of etching of cavities or structures.(aluminum oxide polishing grit factory philippines)

One of the important features of this method of mass reduction is that for some materials with small thickness and light weight, corrosion processing can be divided into two categories according to the application(aluminum oxide 40/60 grit): various graphic corrosion and structural corrosion processing of large parts such as aircraft structural parts, spacecraft, ship and so on(white fused alumina manufacturer). These will be discussed later, which is also the focus of this book.

It is used for the graphic and graphic etching of various small and medium-sized parts(brown aluminium oxide), such as the graphic etching of various high-grade electrical metal shells and the corrosion processing of various metal inscriptions. The latter method is most commonly used in the field of ordinary civil use(100 grit aluminum oxide white), such as etching stainless steel and aluminum alloy and etching pictures and texts on pad printed steel plate mold and plastic mold.

(aluminum oxide polishing grit factory philippines)The corrosion of the cavity or structure mentioned here is completed at one time(fused alumina). Only one anti-corrosion treatment is needed, and one corrosion can meet the design requirements. In order to complete this process, the thickness h to be corroded must be calculated according to the known conditions(buy brown fused alumina), and then the etching time of the whole process can be calculated according to the etching speed provided above.

Instead, the whole etching time should be divided into 3-4 stages(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit), and after each etching time period, the parts should be taken out from the corrosion solution, and the black ash should be removed by pickling and water washing, and then the etching time should be corrected according to the corrosion time and measured data(brown fused alumina oxide). It is similar on the surface, but it is quite different from the method of corrosion processing.

For example, some racing cars will also use this special processing method to slow down the light weight and maintain its strength to the maximum extent(low soda alumina). In the whole chemical etching process, under the premise that the concentration of main components and corrosion conditions are within the control range(carborundum powder suppliers), the design requirements can be achieved by mainly paying attention to the control of etching time.(aluminum oxide polishing grit factory philippines)

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