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Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder Producers China

The cellulose filter aid is a stable polymer refined by the process of destroying the non crystalline part, and its average degree of polymerization is more than that of the green sample containing cellulose(240 grit aluminum oxide). Such a pure cellulose filter aid only contains trace inorganic elements and has chemical properties(aluminum oxide sandblasting). The density of the precoated layer is higher than that of diatomite, and its clarification ability is lower than that of diatomite.

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The commercial cellulose filter aid is produced by yueshe company and sold by zezao company(aluminum oxide blast media). Cellulose filter aid has good resistance in low temperature and strong alkali, like carbon and a small amount of rare elements, but it tends to swell and dissolve in low concentration alkali. The panning value was almost neutral. It is generally expressed by diameter and length(silicon carbide 180 grit). The diameter is for drinking soap and the length is for other properties of nasal soap.

(aluminum oxide polishing powder producers china)Weak tolerance to strong acids and some solvents, strong tolerance to dilute acids and organic acids: affinity to water, no swelling in oil(1200 grit aluminum oxide). After moisture, value and particle size, cellulose filter aid has micro hygroscopicity. The moisture content of the market bagged products is below the water content, and the moisture content reaches equilibrium when the bag is removed(carborundum grit). Cellulose filter aids have the characteristics of slender shape.

When heated in air to about 10 ℃, it will decompose slowly and can not be used for high-temperature filtration(100 grit aluminum oxide). When it is dispersed in water, it will carry a negative charge. In addition to attracting cationic substances, it also has some adsorption properties. In the filtration process, on the one hand, it plays a role as a filter aid, on the other hand, it can capture fine particles by its adsorption(silicon carbide abrasive grit). It can replace the traditional industrial filter aid in some occasions.(aluminum oxide polishing powder producers china)

It can be concluded that the particle size of the passive carbon is porous and irregular(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Although passive carbon is different from activated carbon (used for decolorization and adsorption of soluble impurities), it still has strong adsorption(black silicon carbide powder). In view of the special chemical inertia and high price of the passive carbon, it is usually only used in the situation where it is likely to dissolve or where the residue of filter aid is not allowed in the filter cake.

(aluminum oxide polishing powder producers china)Due to the chemical inertness and insolubility, the synthesized polymer powder may be used as a precoating material(silicon carbide grit). For example: the powder is introduced by the British company, the raw material is hard polyurethane. Two grades of products are said to be the most economical in use(green silicon carbide powder). Synthetic filter aid is crystalline filter aid powder, which has been used in pharmaceutical factories and is said to be more economical than diatomite.

In general, thick plastic code thin is a kind of filter aid made from rice husk ash(carborundum abrasives). It was first invented by the new Department of material zengkao. The product contains amorphous, which is a potential substitute for traditional filter aid powder. Granular filter media include sand, garnet, ilmenite, bauxite, magnetite, anthracite, quartz, coke and pumice(wilson abrasive). This is due to their low bulk density, which eliminates the problem of precipitation.

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