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Aluminum Oxide Polishing Powder Wholesale Suppliers UK

According to the architectural layout of the production workshop(white fused alumina), the bauxite project correctly designs the power supply and distribution system, reasonably arranges the power supply load and power supply radius, gives priority to the energy-saving electrical products(emery abrasive), realizes the economic operation of the power supply and distribution equipment through the use of scientific management means and measures. 

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According to the nature and capacity of power consumption, the reasonable power supply voltage and power supply mode are selected(white aluminum oxide). The location of the power transformation and distribution room should be close to the load center, shorten the power supply radius, so as to ensure the energy efficiency index of the power supply and distribution system(garnet abrasive), and take corresponding energy-saving measures.(aluminum oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uk)

Optimize the working state of electrical equipment(white corundum), reasonably distribute and balance the load, balance the use of electricity, and improve the load rate of the project. On the basis of improving the natural power factor, the centralized and local reactive power compensation equipment is reasonably installed at the load side(60 grit aluminum oxide), so that the power factor of the production device at the maximum load is not less than 0.90

Actively select S11 series energy-saving transformer(silicon carbide abrasive). The proper selection and configuration of transformer capacity, through the selection of operation mode, reasonable adjustment of load, to achieve economic operation of transformer, through reasonable adjustment of load, improve the power factor, reduce the transformer series(garnet suppliers), improve the utilization of transformer, reduce the operating temperature of transformer.

(aluminum oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uk)On the premise of ensuring the lighting quality(green silicon carbide), the light source with high luminous efficiency and good display performance and the energy-saving lamps with reasonable light distribution, and select the conductor section according to the economic current density, safety and high efficiency are preferred(150 grit aluminum oxide). Water consumption and water pressure of each workshop are controlled by measuring measures and inspection measures.

Check concealed water pipes and internal water supply system regularly to avoid unnecessary drainage, flushing and overflow(black silicon carbide). The water supply system shall be made of qualified pipeline materials, valves shall be made of high-quality products, the pipeline laying shall be mainly buried in the ground, and follow the following principles(glass bead blasting media suppliers): and the exposed parts shall also be prevented from stepping on and vehicle pressure.(aluminum oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uk)

Therefore, the bauxite project should pay attention to the selection of low energy consumption and high efficiency equipment(aluminum oxide abrasive), to adapt to product varieties and quality requirements. Improve the degree of continuous automation, reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). After the bauxite project is completed and put into operation, its main energy consumption is electricity, water, steam, etc.

(aluminum oxide polishing powder wholesale suppliers uk)Reduce the unit consumption of raw materials, water, electricity and steam to meet the requirements of environmental protection(aluminum oxide grit). Based on the domestic market, purchase the equipment made by domestic manufacturers, from the beginning of purchasing equipment, and strive for economy and rationality(steel grid). Waste water is used for secondary purposes: cleaning stairs, floors, warehouses, loading and unloading sites, etc.

The equipment production technology is mature and reliable to ensure the production process and product quality requirements(synthetic corundum). The main equipment and auxiliary equipment are matched with each other(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The equipment used in the bauxite project is energy consumption standard equipment, and will not be eliminated due to energy consumption and environmental pollution problems in the short term.

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