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The observation of graphite distribution at the beginning of graphitization shows that the initial growth position of graphite is on the phase boundary between austenite and cementite or in austenite grain(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). These vacancy groups can not make the accepted carbon atoms become the graphite core.

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These heterogeneous atoms are adsorbed on the graphite growth step, which changes the graphite growth mode. Even if this mechanism exists, it is difficult to fully explain the reason for the frequent change of graphite growth direction(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). The primary austenite is formed by endogenous growth, and the solidification interface during precipitation is a rough interface(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia).

The reason for this phenomenon is that cementite can not provide vacancies or vacancy groups to accept carbon atoms; In addition, the heat capacity of graphite is much greater than that of cementite(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). If graphite nucleates and grows in cementite, it will inevitably encounter great resistance, which limits the formation of graphite in cementite(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). The diagram schematically shows this transformation process.

After hot oxygen corrosion, we can see the annual ring shape characteristics composed of the same product surface, and the base surface is tangent to the graphite sphere(black silicon carbide). The self diffusion rate of iron and silicon atoms is lower than that of carbon atoms. This atomic shift lag phenomenon will inevitably lead to the lack of graphite growth space, the accumulation of carbon atoms and slow down the formation of graphite(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia).

From the above, it can be judged that graphite nucleates in the solid phase(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). First, the carbon atoms directly enter the holes and hole groups in the crystal structure at the annealing temperature(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). These locations have enough energy to keep carbon atoms in place and gathered(alumina sand). Only those carbon atom groups that are close to the graphite structure in space and have enough polymerization energy can develop into the graphite core.

Even tiny graphite was not found in the undissolved cementite(alumina abrasive powder). The growth of graphite depends on the diffusion of a large number of carbon atoms to the effective core. Because the diffusion activation energy of atoms diffusion along the austenite grain boundary is lower than that in the grain boundary, a considerable number of carbon atoms move along the grain boundary(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). 

However, the chemical potential of iron at the graphite austenite interface is higher than that at the cementite austenite interface. Silicon atoms diffuse in the same direction(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). The activation energy of carbon atom diffusion at austenite interface is about 11.2kj/md(aluminium oxide blasting media). In addition, properly increasing the graphitization annealing temperature and reducing the atomic diffusion activation energy can also play a similar role.

It can be seen that due to the uneven distribution of crystal defects that can provide diffusion opportunities for iron atoms in austenite, the diffusion rates of iron and silicon atoms in different directions are very different, which does not provide a uniform and effective space for graphite growth(green silicon carbide). The first part to reach the highest undercooling (such as the part in contact with the mold wall) is the earliest nucleation part(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia).

The activation energies of self diffusion of iron atoms and silicon atoms at the graphite austenite interface are 29.6kj/mol and 22.4kj/mol, respectively(100 grit aluminum oxide). Iron atoms tend to migrate in the opposite direction of carbon atom diffusion (reducing the degree of carburization), that is, self diffusion(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). There may also be tertiary dendrites on the secondary dendrites, and its growth process is similar to that of the secondary dendrites. 

Dislocation climb and slip can also provide hole flow for atomic diffusion(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). The micro areas that fail to fully diffuse in time become an obstacle to graphite growth, resulting in the randomness of graphite growth direction and orientation, forming flocculent graphite(1200 grit aluminum oxide). There are many vacancies or dislocation movement in the diffusion direction, which will promote the diffusion movement of iron and carbon atoms. 

Therefore, the enrichment degree at the root of primary crystals continues to increase, resulting in the decrease of melting point here and the formation of root necking as shown in the figure(glass bead abrasive). These crystal defects may exist on the phase boundary, sub grain boundary, hole surface and the crystal defects caused by volume shrinkage during the transformation from cementite to austenite(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). 

The hypoeutectic component of molten iron is supercooled slightly below the liquidus temperature, and the primary austenite dendrites begin to precipitate(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). As the cooling rate of castings far exceeds the equilibrium cooling rate, primary austenite may also appear in cast iron with eutectic and hypereutectic composition(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). The oxide and nitride particles in molten iron are the most likely matrix for austenite nucleation. 

The formation of austenite dendrites is related to the segregation of some elements on the octahedral surface(aluminium oxide blasting). The solute enriched in the front of the liquid sphere interface decreases the liquid phase crystallization temperature and delays the crystal growth. Part of it is melted after entering the area with higher temperature(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive); The unmelted grain becomes the crystalline core of austenite dendrite(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). 

Thermal convection or external force stirring in the melt can break the necking, form fine grains and float into the melt(steel shot abrasive). This kind of nucleation can be found even in high purity iron carbon silicon alloy with few impurities(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). During the initial growth of dendrites, the solute discharged from the solid phase is enriched at the root, which is difficult to diffuse to the surrounding melt under the action of thermal convection. 

The section of the octahedron is (001) plane, in which the axis direction [001] is its main growth direction(alumina blasting). The further growth is the transformation from octahedral primary crystal to dendrite(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia). The tertiary dendrite generally occurs when the austenite solidification temperature range is wide and the crystal has enough time to fully develop. There are also (L11) atoms closely arranged on the dry surface of dendrites.

The value of K essentially reflects the atomic diffusion capacity of cementite after decomposition, which changes exponentially with temperature(120 grit aluminum oxide): in the formula, q is the activation energy of carbon atom diffusion, and its value is about 11.2kj/mol, which is less than the activation energy of cementite dissolution in austenite (31.2kj/mol); R is the gas constant(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers malaysia); T is the absolute temperature(garnet blasting media); K is a coefficient related to the stability of cementite and affected by temperature.

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