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The equipment must be cleaned frequently to keep it free of dust and oil. Do not sprinkle water on the motor and operation box when cleaning the environment with water pipes(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). The foundation and support are firm and complete, and the connection is firm, without breaking or falling off(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). When the machine is working, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed. 

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The vibration exciter works normally without abnormal noise(silicon carbide grit). The machine instruments and safety protection devices are complete, sensitive and reliable. The foundation is stable, no cracks, no oil, no corrosion(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). When the material enters the impact area of the blower, it hits and breaks the blower on the rotor, and is thrown to the counterattack device to break again, and then bounce back from the counterattack liner. 

The machine instrument and safety protection device are complete, sensitive and reliable(aluminium oxide blasting media). The discharge port of the collar crusher is controlled at 110±30mm(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines); the maximum feeding size is 630mm. The mesh size of the linear vibrating screen: 35mm×35mm; 6mm×6mm(aluminium oxide sand). Impact crusher discharge particle size: 20-60mm. The float crusher is used for coarse and fine crushing of hard ores and medium-hard ores. All parts are intact. 

It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work, easy manufacture and convenient maintenance(180 grit aluminum oxide). Due to the small inclination angle of the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen, the height of the screen is reduced, which is convenient for process layout. The anchor bolts are not loose. Check whether the ore feeding is uniform(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). Check whether there is any foreign matter in the tank(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit). If there is, it must be picked out.

There is no shortage of parts, no deformation or damage(silicon carbide powder). Clean the vent hole of the exciter in time to keep the vent hole unblocked(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). The foundation shall be stable without crack, oil stain and corrosion. The working principle is driven by the double vibration motor. Spiral classifier is mainly composed of transmission device, spiral body, water tank, charging port, lower support, gear cover, lifting mechanism and ore discharge valve. 

This process is repeated(alumina abrasive). The material enters the first, second, and third impact chambers from large to small, and is repeatedly broken until the material is broken to the required size and discharged from the discharge port. There is no abnormal sound or stuck phenomenon during normal operation(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). There is no obvious movement of the frame(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). There is no obvious vibration or abnormal sound during normal operation. 

Then the main components of the impact crusher are spring, railing, front impact frame, rear impact frame, impact liner, square steel, impact liner bolts, flip device, main shaft, blower, rotor frame, liner, locking block, Compression block, etc(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). The foundation is stable and free of cracks, oil stains and corrosion(150 grit aluminum oxide). Changing the phase angle of the upper and lower weight can change the travel direction of the raw material.

The size of the crusher's discharge port meets the specified requirements(alumina sand). Because the screen surface is reciprocating in a straight line, the upper material layer moves forward on the one hand, and on the other hand, the material layer is compacted during the jumping and falling process, which is conducive to dehydration, desliming, liquid removal and heavy-medium washing(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Remove heavy media(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). All parts are intact. 

The size of the crusher's discharge port meets the specified requirements(glass bead abrasive). For difficult-to-screen materials such as rocks, coke, sintered ore, etc., the vibration angle of the linear vibrating screen can be 60°(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). It has the advantages of low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust spillage, automatic discharge, etc., and is more suitable for assembly line operations.

The jaw crusher runs normally without abnormal noise or jamming(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The bearings at all parts are well lubricated(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). The principle of linear vibrating screen is to transform the rotating motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion by using the weight (unbalanced weight) installed at the upper and lower ends of the motor shaft, and then convey this motion to the screen surface.

No periodic or significant impact and knocking sound(alumina grit). It operates normally without obvious vibration and abnormal sound. Regular maintenance (monthly) add and change oil for each part of the equipment according to the lubrication standard, and record it in the equipment refueling record book(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). The flywheel and pulley are operating normally(aluminium oxide blasting). The contact position of the toggle plate and toggle plate pad is well lubricated. 

When the two vibration motors rotate synchronously and reversely, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block offsets each other in the direction parallel to the motor axis(steel shot abrasive), overlaps into a resultant force in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis, and the motion track of the screen machine is a straight line(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). There is no obvious movement between the adjusting seat and the ear seat of the frame. 

The appearance of the box and bearing seat shall be free of deformation and cracks(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). The screen box support column shall be stable without distortion and crack(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). All parts are intact. There is no shortage, deformation or damage to the quantity of each part. Bolts at all parts shall be fastened well without looseness or missing. The body is clean(70 grit aluminum oxide). It operates normally without obvious vibration and abnormal sound.

The screen shall be free of serious wear, fracture and perforation(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The material under the linear screen enters the classifier. The inclination angle between the machine body and the horizontal plane is 16 °. After the motor is started, it drives the spiral rotation through the large and small gears and large and small bevel gears(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). Tighten the loose bolts, make up the damaged ones, and replace the ones with serious wear.

Pay attention to check the fastening degree of all bolts, and no bolts are allowed to be loose(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines); After maintenance, tighten all bolts again after the initial operation for 8h. Daily maintenance (each shift) shall carry out daily spot inspection on the equipment according to the daily spot inspection standard and record it in the daily spot inspection record book(garnet blasting media). The impact area of the plate hammer is broken again. 

If the equipment paint falls off and rusts, it shall be derusted and painted(sponge media abrasive). Clean the residual oil in the open gear pair and trunnion bearing bush, and recycle it to a special oil barrel for storage. The brand of lubricating oil (grease) shall not be changed at will, and the lubricating oil (grease) shall be clean and free of sundries(aluminum oxide powder manufacturers philippines). Check whether the bolts of each part are loose, tighten the loose ones and make up the defects.

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