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Aluminum Oxide Powder Wholesale Suppliers Canada

The installed accessories must not be in contact with the porcelain surface(arc fused alumina), and must be replaced with soft asbestos-type acid-resistant glue change or other acid-resistant soft plastic liner: when changing the reaction pot lid and pot body, the fastening screws should be slowly Set the scene to prevent the cracking of the porcelain due to the uneven force of the iron tire(steel shot abrasive); when working in the pot, it must be a soft bottom and lined in the pot Cushion elastic material.

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When using steam heating, the steam network should be opened slowly to prevent the thermal shock from being too rapid and damaging the porcelain surface(white fused alumina). The vessel holding the solution can be made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. If the synthesis process and purification process is to prepare smoked aluminum ammonium aluminum sulfate, the equipment should be installed with feet, it must also be equipped with a knotting device(fused alumina). Crystals will naturally precipitate out of the solution.(aluminum oxide powder wholesale suppliers canada)

There are three steps: first, put all kinds of devices (including reaction pot, plastic basin, knotting device, plastic tube Etc.) Clean and use deionized water before use(white aluminum oxide). The specific gravity of ammonia is 0.9 and the concentration is 25%. The ratio of the total weight of water to feed is 1:1. The solution in the reaction pot boils around 103°C. There are two ways to cool the solution in the container: one is natural cooling, and the other is forced cooling(black oxide aluminum). However, it can be seen with a simple microscope.

Close the valve under the reaction steel, and connect a certain proportion of raw materials into sulfuric acid dumplings, aluminum sulfate and deionized water(white corundum); the general ratio of aluminum sulfate to ammonium sulfate is 5#1 or 611. Because industrial aluminum sulfate contains many impurities, in order to remove the impurities in aluminum ammonium sulfate, a certain amount of ammonia must be added during the synthesis of the feed(glass beads supplier). That is, use water to speed up the cooling rate.

(aluminum oxide powder wholesale suppliers canada)In order to meet the quality requirements, it is necessary to further mention the ground and carry out one or more re-settlement(silicon carbide price). Can produce ammonium aluminum sulfate without adding chlorine water, but the quality is higher than that of aluminum sulfate produced by adding woven water(glass beads manufacturers). When adding raw materials in the reaction pot, the relevant regulations of using the reaction pot should be followed, that is, the steam valve should be opened while feeding.

When cooling naturally, put the solution in a plastic wire or plastic barrel, and then add it for one to two days and nights(green carborundum). Forced cooling is to put the solution into the crystallizer, pass cooling water into the jacket of the product condenser, and stir and discharge the solution to enhance the cooling efficiency(garnet abrasive price). The products made in this way are all fine particles, and it should be flat and stable to prevent vibration during operation: or fine-knotted aluminum ammonium sulfate.(aluminum oxide powder wholesale suppliers canada)

The ammonium aluminum sulfate obtained by these two production methods are both crude products(silicon carbide companies). Under the same raw material conditions, the quality of the coarse crystal is better than that of the fine-knit product when producing aluminum aluminate. However, the coarse-knotted product occupies a large area of the site because of the long time required for natural cooling, and these sites are necessary to place passengers(glass bead abrasive). At this time, you should stop heating and open the valve at the bottom of the pot.

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