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Aluminum Oxide Refractory Materials

The former approach may result in insufficient pole pitch and vertebral voltage swing, which offsets the benefits of lowering the tank temperature(aluminum oxide refractory materials). The problems caused by too high aluminum water are a series of problems, such as more heat in the conduction fine, the cotton temperature decreases, the cotton bottom becomes cold and precipitates, and the condition of the cell bottom deteriorates(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). 

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The latter approach may not see the benefits of lowering the tank temperature on the power consumption index due to the increase in voltage(aluminum oxide suppliers usa), and if the voltage increases If the temperature is too high, it may be found that although the tank temperature has been reduced, the tank inspection has been emptied(aluminum oxide refractory materials). The electrolyte height of modern pre melting measures is generally between 18 ~ 23cm(180 grit aluminum oxide).

Under the condition that the various components of the working voltage have not changed, the setting should be changed(aluminium oxide blasting media). Based on the above reasons, the manager adopted a compromise plan when formulating the set voltage standard, that is, while reducing the numerator ratio, appropriately increasing the cell voltage setting value(aluminum oxide refractory materials). The increase may not be as high as the pole pitch can be maintained.

Allow the pole pitch to be appropriately reduced(white aluminum oxide grit), as long as the cell voltage does not fluctuate significantly(aluminum oxide refractory materials). In addition to reducing the pole pitch, any other technical measures to reduce the cell voltage are beneficial to reducing energy consumption(because of the increase in heat income(black aluminum oxide blast media), the corresponding increase in heat expenditure must be required to maintain the energy balance of the electrolysis error).

How to grasp this degree requires managers to explore elements in practice(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). From the perspective of energy-saving electrolysis energy consumption, the potential for reducing cell voltage should be tapped as far as possible, but the method of reducing the set voltage in the cell control machine cannot be simply adopted(aluminum oxide refractory materials). It is also beneficial to improve current efficiency, so we should do our best.

Too low or too high molten aluminum will cause problems(garnet blasting media). If the reduction of the pole pitch affects the current efficiency, it may increase the power consumption instead. When the alumina concentration is lower than the critical concentration (generally about 1%), the anode effect will occur, resulting in the alkali of the material balance(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Try to keep the process and technical conditions of the electrolytic cell stable(aluminum oxide refractory materials). 

The more important reason for maintaining such a high aluminum liquid is that the aluminum liquid moves under the action of electromagnetic force(aluminum oxide blast media canada), resulting in the deformation of the interface between lead liquid and electrolyte, and the lower the height of lead liquid, the stronger the liquid movement(aluminum oxide refractory materials). The author Guan proposed a concept of "effective pole distance". Constant voltage means changing the pole pitch.

Even if the set voltage is not reduced due to thermal balance considerations(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), it means "saving" 30mV "dedication" Given the electrolyte voltage drop, the face-to-pole distance must be increased (increased by about 1mm)(aluminum oxide refractory materials). When the stability of electrolysis can be improved, it is equivalent to an increase in the "effective pole distance" large coconut(black silicon carbide), so it will have a significant effect on the improvement of current efficiency.

When the stability of the electrolytic cell is very poor, even if the average pole pitch of the electrolytic cell is high, the fluctuation of the melt actually causes the “effective pole pitch” of the electrolysis to be very low: and when the average pole pitch of the electrolytic plant increases “a little bit”(120 grit aluminum oxide). This is why aluminum should be filled into the electrolytic cell when the electrolytic cell is started(aluminum oxide refractory materials).

Therefore(80 grit aluminum oxide), workers must formulate clear regular inspection and analysis procedures and operating standards for the various components of the cell voltage (anode voltage drop, cathode voltage drop, contact resistance at each connection of each conductive component, etc.), and formulate specific points(aluminum oxide refractory materials). Moreover, keeping an appropriate amount of molten aluminum is an important basis for maintaining good thermal balance.

Maintaining a suitable height of aluminum water in the electrolytic fine is of great significance to the normal operation of the electrolytic tank(silicon carbide powder). First of all, there must be a layer of aluminum liquid in the electrolytic plant as the shade of the electrolytic sleeve(aluminum oxide refractory materials). If the anode voltage drop or the cathode voltage drop can be reduced by 30mV, then reducing the set voltage by 0mV does not require reducing the pole pitch(garnet mesh 30 60).

It is well known that in the electrolytic cell, the reaction of aluminum ions in the electrolyte to become metal aluminum is carried out on the aluminum liquid mirror, not on the surface of the polar carbon block(240 grit aluminum oxide). In other words, the real cathode of the electrolytic cell is aluminum, not bright carbon(aluminum oxide refractory materials). In addition, if aluminum precipitates directly on the cathode carbon block, it will also corrode the cathode carbon block.

Moreover(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), by reducing the electrolyte temperature and the concentration of oxidation ship, the working area indirectly leads to the decrease of electrolyte conductivity, and the decrease of electrolyte conductivity leads to the increase of the working voltage of electrolytic plant under the same polar distance(aluminum oxide refractory materials). As liquid aluminum is a good conductor of heat, it can balance the temperature in the tank(aluminium oxide blasting). 

For example, reducing the molecular ratio or adding magnesium chloride or calcium chloride directly causes the conductivity of the electrolyte to decrease(black corundum). It should also be considered that the bottom of the electrolytic cell will deform with the growth of cell age, and the lead liquid can fill the pit at the bottom of the cell and fill the uneven places, so that the current can pass through the cell bottom more evenly(aluminum oxide refractory materials).

Due to the poor wettability between metal A-core solution and the surface of cathode material(white aluminium oxide powder), in order not to expose the surface of carbon bright electrode to electrolyte, a certain height of liquid dislocation has to be maintained in the electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide refractory materials). If only considering the purpose of protecting cathode carbon block and uniform comb bottom current, it is not necessary to maintain an aluminum liquid height of about 20cm.

The electric field balance of modern aluminum electrolysis plant is well designed(aluminium oxide sandblasting), which can reduce the aluminum level to about 15m, but the continuous reduction still can not overcome the problems of lead liquid fluctuation and poor tank stability(glass bead abrasive). Item assessment objectives(aluminum oxide refractory materials). A certain height of aluminum liquid is required in the electrolytic cell to protect the rigid pole carbon block and uniform cell bottom current. 

In this regard, the height of the aluminum water in modern pre-cultivation tanks is generally between 15 and 22 cm(aluminum oxide refractory materials). The main problems caused by too low aluminum water are(steel shot abrasive): the cell voltage fluctuates, the electrolytic cell is unstable, which is not conducive to the uniformity and timely sulfur dissipation of heat in the plant, the cell temperature increases, the phase face melts, and it is easy to form a hot cell (a kind of sick cell).

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